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Can hear the whole thing and help now playing continue to meet its operational costs. This is a war of the worlds rip off. Right. They call it out. It's like war the world. Yeah. Because the alliens have a stupid fucking weakness. Well, also, the newscasters they feel very Orson Welles. This just feels like m night decided he wanted to do were the world's a couple years before Spielberg. Yeah. Being just to put it in context. Believe Spielberg resurrected were of the world's to comment on nine eleven this movie started shooting on September twelfth two thousand one it is not intended in its design to be that commentary. I think it's completely happenstance. The two movies happen to be made so close together. Maybe. But I also wonder if m night might have tried to get the rights to war of the worlds and Spielberg Hatem locked up and am night decided, okay. I'll do crop circles and signs. I don't think I'm thinking about doing other people's works intentionally that way with few exceptions. He usually doesn't adapt others. He's the genius that comes up with the ideas. But yes, I do believe that it makes sense that if you've already covered ghosts and superheroes. The next logical step and talking about urban myth and the realm of the supernatural and how it intervenes with reality and faith and belief. It makes sense that he would come here. Yeah. I'm just saying that so much of the story, including the aliens weakness does feel like a war of the worlds rip off. So that's why I think water is the weak point is the same way that just the germs in our air killed those alias spoiler alert for worthy worlds than the original version. Well, water was also the kryptonite too. Bruce, Willis and unbreakable. That's why said the that's what he came up with this next idea for a movie was at that moment and unbreakable. It's theme he it will be what went into his own personal identity more on that next week. But there's more water stuff. So the lady in waters completely safe from these aliens? What am night has claimed his number one influence was Hitchcock's the birds the scope of it would be similar that while this thing was happening. All over the world is strange phenomenon. No, one could explain it would be set on a single farm, and it would take the vantage point of just a few characters that was the novelty of it. But he also talked about nine living dead and the original body snatchers. And again, he wants to be Hitchcock. And he refused to bring up Spielberg, but we're all thinking close encounters to that's what I expected with this movie. After unbreakable expected this entire movie to be aliens give signs and at the very end. Mel Gibson much like Richard Dreyfuss stands at the base of an alien ship as the door opens and credits roll. That's what I came in just expecting to have happen. Now. I saw the trailers I remembered the tin foil hats, I remember watching the news. But I still just thought it would all be. She heralding the aliens of rival how are you not thinking X-Files? That's what I was thinking. Because I think there may be a lawsuit here if someone wanted to pursue it. The score at times is just straight up that X files. Opening the no, I think the score was very much Bernard Hermann who is Hitchcock's Goto composer for many of his greatest. It reminds me of psycho north by northwest all of those being X-Files ends up sounding like it in notes. I didn't hear that Jacob. But I do think the attempt is being made is to tell us from the get-go you're in a Hitchcock thriller, and I don't have a problem with doing that thing like from the birds where it's this worldwide epidemic, but we're going to focus on one little family and a house kind of like living dead 'cause I think from the first two films. What's impressed me the most coming back to these is seeing how well he's done even when he's using sleeping's like a Bumblebee how well he's done with these little family dynamics. And that's what's really won me over with those last two rewatching. Yeah. The throw a little family in here. They got a crisis of faith. And all that. Let's see if that works. We're dumped right into it. I mean when the movie starts it just begins with Joakim, Phoenix. And Mel Gibson running towards screaming children. They're running through the rows and trying to find the two kids..

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