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To take an anti for a second we are now living in a world of social media and so many young people listen to my show you have no blooming idea of the scandal that ted kennedy got involved in and somehow dodged a bullet if call chappaquiddick let me just read you what wikipedia says about this quote the camp a quick incident was a single vehicle car accident on chappaquiddick island massachusetts on friday july eighteen nineteen sixty nine there with that with result of us senator ted kennedy negligence and resulted in the death of his 28 euro companion mary jo kopechne who was trapped inside the vehicle and get this according to kennedy's own testimony he accidentally drove his car off the one lane bridge into a title channel he swam free vainly tried to rescue kopechne knee left the scene and did not report the accident authorities for ten hours if this thing on hey swam free vainly tried to rescue kopeck they left the scene and did not report the accident to authorities for ten hours meanwhile copec me drowned in the vehicle that was submerged under water the next day kopechne if body in the car were both recovered by a driver kennedy pleaded guilty to a charge of leaving the scene of a crash causing personal injury he later received a twomonth suspended jail sentence in the quote what last time you heard anybody even mention that but they love them some ted kennedy because he's their healthcare guy never mind the accusations of sexual assault never mind apparently being drunk leaving the scene of an accident not reporting it for ten hours are you kidding me and got away with it but we're supposed to judge the people involved in the civil war through the prism of today okay let's judged people like taken the prison looked at it can you imagine anybody surviving that of course not not reporting it for ten hours of course not seles distal evaluate him that way how about another icon of laugh malcolm x this man did time for rape do we ignore that how do you wanna play this how far do you want to go with this let me say something about relief factor eighty percent of the people who by the relief factor quickstart bite again another reason for that take paul from pennsylvania here's what he said to.

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