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Evening. I am Anita Benita free things to know what a 45 1. Connecticut regulators have agreed to new rules, which will change the way electricity rates from every source and united illuminating our proposed and approved. To a source tells the Washington Post that President Trump is talking about firing Attorney General William Bar over his comments that there has not been any evidence of election fraud. And three the NYPD hasn't been able to solve nearly as many crimes is it would like to During the pandemic, the clearance rate is down to 26 a half percent this time last year, That same rate was nearly 36. WCBS reporter Kevin Ring Cone heard from chief of detectives Rodney Harrison and then spoke with Linda Lopez on the afternoon. Round up, Kevin you heard from chief of detectives Rodney Harrison. What's he attributing to that issue? Well, Linda, there's a lot going on right now. The courts are not operating at 100%. There are fewer criminal jury trials. The community relationship with police is strained at the moment, and there is a lot of gang violence going on. Chief Harrison says one thing they've noticed his people affiliated with gangs antagonizing each other online, and that's led to the spike in gun violence We're now seeing in the city. Are there any cases where the NYPD is looking for some help from a public? There are two cases. We talked about that. But there are plenty of others. One out of Brooklyn, where last week seven people at a sweet 16 in bed Stuy were shot, one of them a 20 year old visiting from Virginia. She was killed in that incident there. Still working that case. I need some help from the public in that one. There is also a keys from last month in the Bronx, where two newborn of boys infants were found ditched on a patio. Unfortunately, died soon after, But but that's another case that investigators are looking for some assistance in and that's part of the neighborhood policing. We hear so much about that really does make a difference in solving some of these cases. And chief Harrison is coming up on his one year anniversary on the job, and he sense for how things have played out. That's right. This Friday will mark a year since chief Harrison was promoted to chief of detectives. He was the first African American elevated to that role, groundbreaking in that sense, and he says, looking back on this past year. There's been a lot of highs and lows talked about the men and women lost to covert 19. He mentioned the test a major's case as a high the gym master J case as well as highly of their hard work. Clearly and not the year the chief Harrison or any of us really had in mind. We really had to see a lot of of dancing and, you know, tap dancing in terms of what we've had to deal with in terms of the pandemic, not just us, you know, but but as well, they're at the NYPD. And certainly not the year many of us had in mind. That's WCBS reporter Kevin Rincon. WCBS news time 8 48 traffic.

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