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So we did that right off the bat, and he was four years old. But this is a kid that had a Davey cricket. It's made by the Henry rifle corporation, and the Henry family is actually my father's mother her maiden name is Henry, and we are part of the Henry gun family. So we've got the Henry gun family. And we've got the McKinley president side of the house that we've got a pretty interesting national history connection, but but I digress. So when he was six I would teach him how to assemble disassemble assemble and function check. Quite a few pistols that I had, you know, Stig's Asian ks glocks, and we worked our way up to rifles. And anytime I shot I would take him with me. And you know, I would shoot into a watermelon or shoot into a cantaloupe or and I'd say, hey, what do you think that would do to someone's head? And he's like the same thing, you know, exploded blood everywhere the whole deal. So he got an idea of what guns can do. But he also had the respect and the knowledge to to take them apart to reassemble them, clear them and make them safe because we've all heard at the par party or kids event were got some knucklehead kids together they're going through dad's closet, and they find a gun and one of the kids ends up shooting himself in the hut or suiting another kid having an accident and just tragedy. And I never wanted that to happen to my son. And so I felt if I if I taught him that responsibility, and the know how and gave him that experience he could avoid that. And so, you know, he's he's had a kid house, and he take away from a kid clear it and make it safe and hand it to an adult, and that's what I always wanted him to have even the young ages that ability, and you know, they say you got to. Childproof your guns. You got. That's great. But you better gun proof your children. And that's that's the way. I did it at the eagle disassembly reassembly shooting serving shooting cleaned clearing it making it say the whole gamut. Pretty much what I've done with him. I've given him that experience exposure, and responsibility and that. Yeah. Hey, man. You can look at a gun anytime you want just get me up. If you wanna go into the gun safe and check out a gun. I don't care if it's two thirty in the morning, just we can do it. You know, take the mystery out of it. Yeah. That's some great advice. Right air, Chris. And you mentioned that guns can help to sell t shirts and books, and they also help the sell movies. And it's kind of crazy how Hollywood is one of the biggest opponents of guns yet. They can't seem to make a single movie without bullets flying around the screen, even in the superhero movies that kids watch. So they are so against you having a gun. But then on the other side, they won't dare leave a nickel on the table by not including guns in their films. You're right, double standard, and it just they gross hypocrisy. It's amazing. I'm always one of things I harp on C moving. I see someone like smoking a cigarette in there that that bothers me too. Like, wow, you know, it's it's extol the virtue, but then they'll malign tobacco industry to. Yeah. Cigarettes in every you know, every movie so. Yeah. So I tried to get my kid experiences. I said the jump of the of the interview he's he's scuba dives. He's flown a plane numerous times he's good with pretty much any weapon you can hand to him. It's just a, you know, it really responsible kid roots and wings. That's what I say. You them roots and give them wings. Yeah. Very cool. And I see that you have a music career going on. How did you kinda sidestep into that? You always a singer. Well, not not really. So you grew up in Catholic grade school. And you know, you sing all the time..

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