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Coordinate the way the sharpie thinks about it trace mcsorley in tyler huntley for an organization like baltimore and by the way. We just saw the gardner. Miss you was available available. My god now. Could he hit flourished in this baltimore officer. David been a nice. Backup to to lamar. So i'm with you on the souring but my my question is what are they going to do about quarterback in baltimore sharpie well. I think what they did. Tyler huntley i believe is moved up into the second place guy there. And if you're exactly but if you if you have an offense. That's totally taylor tour towards lamar jackson. There's two ways to look at it number one. If he goes down and he's out for most of the season you're screwed anyways right. Yes but if he only needs to be replaced for game or two you want a guy. That's going to do some of the things similar to lamar jackson. You don't really want a guy like the gardner menchu. Because he can't do. Your offense is geared towards the mobile quarterback. That's gonna handle awful lot and and not really throw as many passes. So i don't think carter mint shoe fits in re really well there. And there aren't a whole lot quarterbacks that actually do and so. I think that that's what their issue is. They aren't funneling a lot of money into the quarterback position. They've got lamar jackson. They're about to have to pay him. Make a decision for the time being would. They're spending all their cap. Space on is all the other players around him. They wanna make a big run this season and they aren't willing to funnel it into the backup quarterback position so it's lamar bust service. That's how old fantasy strategy right like in the old days in our basketball league if you took shack at center like what are you even want to draft a backup center in the first eight rounds because if jack goes down you're it's it's it's a very different proposition in this current era with the nfl the particular circumstances of this nfl season and unprecedented. That's season i don't mention is the right guy i think. No i'm just making a joke. Ironically watching pats giants today. I can't believe the giants didn't get mentioned. I can't believe i mean people. Listen to podcasts. Know how i feel about men show. I would have been totally fine rolling with him and mack jones quarterbacks this year i don't get the men she thing in the fact that jacksonville gave them away. I thought was really weird to. Why are you giving away somebody with thirty seven touchdowns at eleven picks the last two years on some pretty good teams. I think he's gonna go to philly i. He's going to win that job. At some point it will be in the first eight weeks or so sharp. Why why give men show ad and get that. I thought the whole thing was totally stupid. Utterly stupid by the jacksonville jaguars. You are taking away. Reps from trevor lawrence. I know that urban meyer is going to come in here and you know i talk to people on various different teams. I know that urban meyer was all about. We're not gonna hand anything to anybody. Even the number one overall pick you have to earn it. There's competition so that's what this whole thing was but let's be realistic. If the guy that is competing with the number one overall draft pick one of the best quarterback prospects in years is then worth trading for only a sixth round pick. What are you even doing year with what you think about. This is good enough to play with trevor lawrence. You just trading him away for a sixth round pick. That's what everybody else thinks of him. And that's what you clearly think he's worth because you were willing to give him up for that. I totally agree. I think that the way that means you was handled last season. If you read the chapter in the book on the jaguars yet. It was an atrocity by by by j rooted in ed jackson milwaukee him cerebral totally a nincompoop. Move with what he was doing in terms of how he's handling not so i agree i think gartner minhsiu is better than what most people think. Guard dementia is. I'm fully on board with your take bill in that regard. I think the eagles got a steal getting him for sixth round. Pick and i just thought for taking away wraps from trevor lawrence. You need him to get ready. This is a long as hell season. You need him to be primed. You need to say oh well actually. I've seen him in games. I've seen him in practices with the ones. This is what he's good at. This is what he struggles with. Let me try to introduce these other concepts you know. Also gordon makes you is not the type of running quarterback. Trevor lawrence's you need to work on your. Qb runs down inside the red zone. The five yard line. Install these different packages that you aren't gonna have in their. If men shoes there. I just felt like they were wasting time and then they dealt him for a sixth rounder by the way. Where is indianapolis. That's another one another greatly. They're gonna go indianapolis if they don't figure out you know wentz doesn't come back when they think he's when they're hoping he comes back and they have the wrong. Qb for those first five games they could Take a completely other season house. Who do you have for your first grenade. well. I'm glad you started with indianapolis because i think that they're definitely in the running. I mean This the saints are kind of like an unnatural grenade and You know there's there's all the factors that point to The the the limitations that they have their to starting ride receivers right now are are questionable Thomas out for a more indefinite time and jameis winston now. He looked pretty good. This kind of sold me on the states on thursday quebec to the colts second. They were eleven and five last year so for them to be an official grenade. They would have to eight nine this year. They are even odds. Basically not to make the playoffs and they're over under for wins is Eight and a half there plus one forty four the division that first five games i mentioned home seahawks home rams at titans at dolphins at ravens on a monday night and they might have you know jacob as as a qb.

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