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Who's dodgy paid fifty wft out west palm beach hollywood palm springs baltic bars red flags flying i'm michael toscano the skies not so friendly the us as a russian fighter jet flew within several feet of a us reconnaissance plane and what the us as was an unsafe maneuver over the baltic sea and in syria the uslead coalition has shot down an armed prosyrian drone the coalition says it was advancing on its ground forces fighting isis coastal louisiana and texas under a tropical storm warning and correspondent jan johnson says it's already pouring along the beaches in alabama and florida fleming already is being reported on dolphin islandsouth mobile the main road leading to one end of the island is partially covered with water and the city is moving vehicles then equipment to higher ground red flags are flying on the main public beach in gulf shores alabama as a warning to stay out of the water and bands of heavy rain are coming through is far east as the florida panhandle new orleans mayor mich landrieu preparing a city now for as much as a foot of rain coming over the next few days i'm michael toscano senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to get a vote on a secretly revised healthcare plan by the july four holiday backed up a short time ago by vice president mike pence before this summer is over working with the leaders in the congress even as we speak president donald trump and this congress will keep their promise as to the american people and we will repeal and replace obamacare but connecticut democrat curious murphy rejects the process they are about to bring a bill that reorders one fifth of the american economy up separates on everybody takes insurance potentially for millions to the senate floor without more than maybe a day or two of you and by the american public in georgia voting in the state's closelyfought special congressional election has generally going smoothly but a few issues have been reported with voting machines some voters toll to use provisional ballots democrats are hoping to capture a seat held by republicans for four decades wall street stocks have pulled back from yesterday's record highs i'm.

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