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Close game with Minnesota, Bro. It's not how it's going down. Alabama would have beat Minnesota about 35 points and been laughing at him for the most part. What we're seeing right now with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Is the best NFL factory we've seen. This side of early two thousand's Miami Remember that Miami team. Where Willis McGahee, he had to come off the bench. Clinton Portis, Najeh Davenport. Andre Johnson's on That team. Jeremy Shockey is on that team. Just guys after guys after guys that went on to have strong NFL careers. That place was an NFL factory. Their practices were probably more competitive than some of the games that they played in. That's what Alabama is doing right now. That's what Nick Saban is doing right now. I'm not going to say that college football is based in Paraty because it's not But we haven't seen one team dominate the landscape for as long and as consistent as Alabama has Sam has been doing this for what a decade. That USC run with Pete Carroll. It's not a decade run. Chip Kelly. The uniforms are great. The offense was great. They didn't do it for a decade. Miami. Larry Coker and Butch Davis did not have that thing going for a decade. Jimmy Johnson didn't have it going for 10 years straight the way that Saban has That place has become an NFL factory. What we've seen today is Not everybody's roster can overcome players going in the league. Alabama's can Things change in Clemson. Things change in Oklahoma. Things change in Ohio State. They haven't really changed in Alabama. And as we sit here, wrapping up The first weekend of college football. It appears to once again be Alabama versus everybody else. And that place has turned into an absolute machine and a factory of talent. Clemson right now is getting barest on television haven't scored. Alabama might have scored again in the game ended an hour ago. The message with her loud and clear today we are not you guys were better than you were more dominant than you. And this run that.

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