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Imagine you up to their to their mouths, and if you don't understand it pause the show and just look it up yourself. I I've been I mean getting ridiculed because I started watching the NICKY jam like docu reality kind of TV show like the story of his life because it's just like kind of like hood reggae tone. I dunno. I got ridicule either day for that on like on TV with Austin. But anyways, it's a really good way to learn because like Puerto Ricans speak so weird to me. I think it's hilarious how they speak. Our time in Miami like opened my mind to how Dominicans Puerto Ricans and Cubans speak. I I love how they talk. So that's one of the reasons I got into it Mukasa. Casa Pell, I have to watch it with subtitles. Because I have I have no idea what the Spaniards are saying because they talked so different. They the Mary's. It's once you can tell the diff. Dialects? I think that's another way you really know that you're you become fluent. Like, oh, yeah. He's from eastern Cuba, their Spanish, they're obviously Argentinian. But if you can recognize like a Peruvian Bolivian Paraguayan your legit, you're super legit. I so hard. We could talk about that for a long time to going back to the accent thing. And then being able to recognize the accents. But I wanna pay you back on what you said about the watching a show in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. Absolutely. I I watched a whole lot of game of thrones in Spanish with Spanish subtitles when I was living in Argentina. And it was phenomenal his amazing because whoever translates the script is not like the same script as what's being said. And so it's like you learn twice as fast because you're reading a little bit different way of saying the same thing that's being said. I would hate that. I can't do the dubbing. I can't do that. Oh, hit it takes away a little bit. I mean, like, it's not Tyrian, you know, or Jon snow, but I mean, still it's it's a show that I'm I'm definitely okay? With watching. You know, it's like one of my it's my favorite show and me at rhinos Jackie Chan Jackie Chan movies from back in the day Bronx. Okay, debit anyway. Okay. That was awesome. Let's go ahead and change gears though, because I definitely want to talk about Los gringos what you guys have got going on. So thanks for all of your super, great tips and stories and advice about learning language because I know it's hard a lot of people out. There are doing it as we speak trying to learn, and you know, like we can all improve to and so that's cool. And I think it's really really neat to get a group of us together to kind of reflect on that and just share and hopefully encourage our fellow United States in to jump on board with a foreign language. So cool. Thank you guys for that. All right. We're going to go ahead and posit right there because we're already over an hour and we go for another almost forty minutes. So we'll save the rest of it for the next episode. But for now, I want to remind you of to resources that you can act on right now, if.

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