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Of Whittier boulevard and south Indiana straight. It's been a year since hurricane Maria. Now, we're starting to learn more of the stories about those people who were left behind may have been forgotten and that horrible tragedy that happened. Their latest coming up in four minutes, seven thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Here's Chuck row. Well, there's a crash in south LA. Oh, the one ten freeway southbound past Vernon avenue, it's out in the middle lanes and not a big backup behind that. But it does slow starting at about MLK now in east LA seventeen southbound at Olympic boulevard that earlier crash moved to the right shoulder. Hollywood freeway southbound still seeing delays from Hollywood Boulevard into downtown LA. The northbound side slow from about bigness street up toward the four level interchange. Four or five southbound at Wilshire boulevard that crash moved to the right shoulder. Still stuck big rig causing a delay on the sixty if you're heading into Rowland heights eastbound sixty before no Gallus right lane is blocked there and backup continuing to grow. It's backed up now coming away from Hussien boulevard. So you may want to try and pick up one of the. Surface street alternates, you can take gale avenue to the north. That's always good one or head down south and pickup Colima road and avoid that eastbound sixty galaxy with that backup growing approaching no gala San demus fifty seven southbound before the seventy one crash with a couple of pickup trucks, clearing off to the right shoulder. They cleared that stall bug struck fifty seven northbound before diamond bar boulevard all lanes reopened. They're still kind of sluggish out of Orange County the slowing really starting at about Lambert road. But it does gradually get better as you head up through the brea canyon twenty two westbound LaSalle street. What's your mattress? They're on the offer up. Your next report. Seven forty five I'm Chuck role with more traffic reports..

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