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Community centers to pediatricians offices and pharmacies more than 20,000 sites are administering vaccines to young children White House COVID adviser Jeff Zion said in a briefing there is enough supply to vaccinate all 28 million children in this age group More and more sites are opening So the page will be increasing across the next couple of weeks Last spring the president at a goal of vaccinating 70% of adults with one dose by July but the administration has declined to set a goal for 5 to 11 year olds saying the aim is to vaccinate as many as possible Alice and Aubrey NPR news Washington With the U.S. facing the sharpest increase in prices since the 1990s the Biden administration is looking to convince Americans it's more than $1 trillion infrastructure improvement plan can help fix some of the problems by paid a visit to the port of Baltimore today to emphasize how federal support can strengthen the global supply chain The Department of Housing urban developments announced $74 million in American rescue plan funds for tribal communities more from Paris Laura Walmsley The block grants will provide funding to 68 tribal communities for infrastructure projects including new housing septic systems and health clinics This pandemic kind of brought out the fact that our infrastructure is sort of lacking especially when it comes to broadband and those issues there for our children That's Joseph rupnik chairperson of the Prairie band potawatomi which will receive a $1 million to expand high-speed Internet on its reservation Hud says the funds will help tribal leaders protect the health and safety of their communities particularly for low and moderate income people Laurel wisely and PR news Washington And Wall Street the Dow was down 240 points the NASDAQ plunged 263 points today You're listening to NPR From W ABE news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim burris It's 5 O four The city of Atlanta is signing on to an international pledge to phase out gas powered car sales in the coming decades Molly Samuel reports the declaration comes out of the international climate change talks happening now in Glasgow The citizen states that signed the pledge say they'll work towards converting their fleets to zero emission vehicles by 2035 and put other policies in place to help encourage the growth of a mission free transportation Atlanta is one of a handful of American cities that signed on The United States itself did not More than 30 other countries are participating in it Automakers that joined include Ford GM.

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