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You have it and just use android auto inroad out as a much better way as far as i'm concerned and and because you can actually use ways my favorite navigation tool on the planet by google to find out how you're going to get from point a to point b and ways smart enough to know where all the traffic is where the potholes are where the speed traps are and so you can actually more more safely navigate from from where you're going so they're finding that people trying to you know screw around with their cars in the built in navigating and infotainment system it's much more distracting then simply using android auto or google play google carplay i'll give you a counterpoint to that yeah because my card mike car has the ford sync system which has a big screen on the on the dash not as big as a a test but you know it's a fairly good size but i can't use navigation when my car is in motion jeez okay i've i've seen you jeter put even the address in in that hard i've learned how to do it unfortunately there was no training no cd videos available for and the salesman that's all the to me didn't know about it either so it took me about oh i've had two years i'm still learning new things but so you you think your sink is better than android auto well or ways well it's not distracting because i can't use components while i'm in motion you can't use navigation i no no well i can use it if i've said it if i want to set a new destination right i can't do it while i'm in motion i have to pull over well that's true that's true of a lot of systems so that's not a distraction to me that's a safety feature yeah yeah yeah but the great thing about ways maybe to your point is that you can actually designate where the speed traps are the potholes the construction so you do have to touch the screen and say hey there's a problem right here and but if you have a good passenger who likes to do that kind of stuff they can do that but i hear you i hear you i don't know it's pluses and minuses to every device you buy oh yeah feature every every device has its pluses.

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