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Lord and taylor online virtual shopping is part of walmart dot com which is brilliant you were telling me off the air that that this is sort of fascinating thing going on were so many people have been sitting out going out to exercise and participate in athletics and that sort of thing they been home playing video games and that is probably hill best buy but on the other hand they been getting bigger and fatter and that affects apparel record obesity and record levels of people being overweight seventy three point seven combined for men sixty six point nine for women and a thirty percent for children's reported by the cdc as kids are staying on playing video games of they're not buying sporting goods sort of the fourteen channels of retail sporting goods is the only one down trailing twelve months minus two point five percent they're eating more gaining weight and hence more closed so were clothing sales were in the tank for the last four years with consecutive negative sales for for almost sixteen consecutive quarters now clothing sales are positive department store sales are positive sporting goods her negatives so to your point as america gets beggar clothing gets better and sporting goods keeps getting worse and worse with the filing for bankruptcy of both gander mountain and uh the sports authority so while you're thinking twice about having a extra slice of pumpkin pie there are bunch of uh clothing retailers out there hoping you might just do that towel overall let's put a postscript on this what is.

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