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Tackles, but he was scoring most of the goals. So, you know, that's fine. That's fine. You didn't have to tackle as much. I like to believe that you spend most of the 90 minutes just walking around the field, saying you don't know where I'm from, dog, to everybody, be your opponent, your teammates, the referee, your manager, as the World Cup experience, giving you more belief than ever. Yeah, absolutely. I think that, you know, confidence is obviously an amazing thing, especially when you're playing with an amazing group. So I've had the luxury of obviously, you know, playing with an amazing national team, amazing people, amazing players, and now being here in Leeds, you know, they've made me feel welcome since day one. Whether it's the players, the fans, the coaching staff, they've all found ways to help me improve and get better every single day. They push me, set the standard high. And it's a good feeling. When you're in a good environment, it's always able to help you push your limits. So that's a good feeling. Okay, it's time. I want to move to my favorite part of Tyler Adams road to the cup powered by Volkswagen podcast where you Tyler take calls from gfo ps yourself and you know the numbers still as the 646-450-9472 for any question for mighty Tyler Adams about football all life phoned it in and then he time could be your voice on this pod Tyler Adams. Are you ready for this? Let's do it. Let's take our very first caller. Hi, my name Ian early and I live in Rogers, Arkansas and I support the university of Vermont catamounts, super proud of them this year. So my question for Tyler, first off, so proud of him and everything that he's done. He makes me proud to be an American and proud to have him be our captain. Second, I was wondering if there's any specific clubs that you look particularly look forward to playing against, just wondering like, okay, as a primarily player going through the league are the ones that you'd like to be really circle and look forward to on the calendar. Obviously beyond the Derby matches are there specific matchups or things that he watched that for? Okay, thanks. What a question. Tyler, you are living out your dreams being a Premier League footballer. So in this first season, what was the one game you circled on your calendar and are you a person that most looking forward to and why? The Premier League has always been for me the best league in the world, the most interesting league in the world. So growing up for me, I always enjoyed watching Thierry Henry play. So I think that when I came to the Premier League, having the opportunity to play against arsenal was going to be a really, really cool moment for me. What about politic Chelsea? Oh, true. Yeah, that's a good one too. I mean, whenever you have the opportunity to play against any Americans, it's always an exciting game. One you get to see some of your friends, but also seeing how they're doing in their club team is also really fun. So even when we played against Chelsea and had the opportunity, even after the game for me, him and Brennan just chat on the field, it just feels like you're back at home back in the day playing an academy when you're playing with some of your best friends. So it was really good to play against them as well. That was incredible. Everyone was wondering what you three were talking about. It turned out you were talking, you know, the hand over the mouth professional footballer thing. We were talking about your respective golf games, right? Oh, oligarch. We want to talk about golf. Next question. Hi, my name is Ali Morris. I'm from Rogers Arkansas and America and I am a lead united fan, also a big Tyler Adams fan. I had a couple of questions for Tyler. So what skills are experiences are you focusing on gaining in the next few regular seasons, hopefully at least. In order to prepare you for 2026 in the U.S. World Cup. Thanks. Oh, great question, Ali. Tyler, you've achieved your dream with playing in a World Cup. You've captained the team. What now, what skill of experiences are you focusing on? I guess, what do you see are the weaknesses to your game that you want to work on? Yeah, that's a great question. I mean, I think I want to continue to add to the offensive part of my game. I think we have some great opportunities on the calendar going forward in between now and the next World Cup. I think that the tournaments that you're looking at, you got Nations League, you have gold cup, you have Copa América. And I think gaining these experiences of playing in major tournaments is going to be super valuable between now being 23 years old and then being 27 by the next time the next World Cup rolls around. I think the best international teams in the world gain this chemistry through playing in major tournaments. I think this will be super valuable for myself. Not only just to help me develop individually and work on my weaknesses, but as a team as well. Last question. Hi, rose. I'm Paula. I'm from San Diego California and come on, you blue. And my question is for Tyler is regardless of club or country. What is your all time favorite kit? Courage. What a question, Tyler. Either one you've worn or one you saw as a kid and just saw that was the bomb. What was the Jersey? I don't know if you even care about jerseys if you even feel like you just running around naked on the field when you just take in everyone down. But what is Taylor Adams

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