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Been bothering me years. Leave or. Me working on getting a permanent asset. But I just wanted to own Hugh, Hugh, what would be the thing Shishir do keep which impermanent put him out. I would have to be for you put him out. Let me just share something with you. If my child put their hands on me, I would put them out. I would lay them out. Oh, Jesus, please. Keep me close to the cross. Because if one of my kids come at me with an say staff does she? Yeah. That her daughter stabbed her in the leg. Choked her that she can't sleep. This chicks gotta go after the mother has reinforced in her child who the mother is. Because they you know, how that would go down in our house. I'm from South Carolina. I believe is smack in the shit out of somebody puts their hands on you. I come at you. I put my hands on you. But you put your hands on me. And you don't let these clothes. I got on food you because I'm I like to fight you know, that will never is going to be fighting. This is combat in her Ohio. Yeah. This is your home you have to lay those ground rules. You have to have those that boundary, and if your child cannot respect your boundaries, then they must have a better plan. And they do they gotta go because. Yeah, they are putting their hands on you. If they're putting their hands on other. Children in the home. No that can't work that just can't work. Can you imagine if chase came at me and said I'm on Joe as daddy. Yeah. Wouldn't be good. I with throat less. End up. We are praying for your family because obviously you need it. I am praying for her family. But I'm praying that she smacks shit out of her daughter. That's what I'm praying far. I'm praying that you remind her who her mom is. And I got also know what you've been doing as a mother that your child feels it's okay to disrespect you to this level. Nephew in church. You run into jobs. You've always kept a roof. Over ahead. You kept McLean. Cafe in this. She still trying to cut you. Nah. Nah. Come South Carolina. Let me let me teach you how we would handle that end South Carolina back in the day today. It's kinda hard for you to kind of choke choke a child out when I do something like that. Because then you going to jail because the DSS is going to get involved because they can handle it better than you can even though they lose in kids in the system every day and don't even know where the hell they play some. But thing Hanley better than you..

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