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Yeah, yeah. Oh man. Say the way you said it. He's not a major these are midget tours. They're poses for Trump. Yeah, he was just big. He was the guy. I'm really flattered and it's great that you love it like that. You ask me how my style. I mean, I just wrote jokes. I went to the comedy club to it. Open mic and then I thought, I'm going to come back in two weeks. So I wrote things in that two weeks and for some reason they came out like little jokes. Yeah. And then I just said, you know, and this is how I talk. So accidentally, that type of joke was always merged and it was just there was no, it was no plan. I'll do it like this, and then I'll do this. And it was in Boston. There was no show business in Boston. So there was nobody to say, you got to talk louder and you got to make cell stories. We were all left our own. And we just very distinct comedians and Dennis Larry and bobcat golf poundstone and Kevin meany and Steve Sweeney and Lenny Clark and when I got Bill Burr, who was his New England. Yes. I mean, I loved him. He's brilliant guy. For sure. Stephen, how'd you get involved with half baked when you famously played the guy on the couch? It was a talk show on at midnight to one in the morning. I think bob cost was the host. And then one time, Dave Chappelle was the guest host, and I was his guest. So when the show was over, I said, yeah, we should be in a movie together, and he said, oh, I'm making a movie right now. Do you want to be in it? I stayed. Yeah, all right. That's how it happened. 'cause bob Constance went on vacation. I was later. And you're The Voice of the DJ in reservoir. Tarantino just reach out to you? No, what happened was. There's all these flukes. I made a short film called the appointments of Dennis Jennings and directed by dean Paris Sally menke. She edited the movie. And then a few years later, she was editing reservoir dogs and she was talking to him. They had the concept of the guy on the radio, but they didn't have the voice. And she's just said, how about Stephen right? 'cause I was friends with her for a few years. And he said, oh, yeah, I like that. See how all these accidents? out, and I'm so thrilled that you were out here in Los Angeles on your book tour. Again, everybody check out Harold. Get it, you can pre order it right now. And the books come out, Harold comes out on May 16th. A pleasure. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. Absolutely. I'm glad that TJ got to meet somebody who's work. He was ripping off as a child. I definitely stole out your jokes and I thank you for it. And I'm thrilled that I was able to add on to that was your favorite show. Tremendous tremendous. I mean, there's different types of batteries that grandpa could be or if your father could be. Thank you for having me. Thank you very much. Absolutely. Everybody check out Harold may 16th and get it right now.

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