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And justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. This is her tweet from the other day, she said. We've seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US Hamas. Israel Afghanistan. Taliban I asked where people are supposed together, blah, blah, blah. So she gets the attention. She she's thirsty for attention. She got it. And what I don't. So where what gets me is she's always said this kind of stuff. So why are Democrats mad now? Have you seen some of the tweets that she had previously? Where she would play up these these tropes and and she, like engaged in blood label and all this other stuff. These are tweets that she is. So why now are Democrats Mad at her. Remember when Nancy Pelosi, they refused to center her for her previous tweets. So here's the thing. Now there's a dozen Dozen Democrats in the White House that have come forward and they're demanding that she quote unquote clarify. At post That she that what? I just read to you the tweet that she had just and she shared that video of herself the video summit that we played earlier. And They said, We urge her to clarify her words. And before placing the U. S and Israel in the same category as Hamas and the Taliban. And this was Jake Auction clause. Ted Deutch, who hates me and wants that next to my husband called me A B word and Parkland and he didn't know he was sitting next to my husband. Fun fact. Uh, Lois Frankel, Josh Bath Time. Our Elaine Lauria, Kathy Manning, Jerrold Nadler, Dean Phillips Contraire, Brad Sherman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I mean, these are I mean Nadler's He's a ranking member. He is the the ranking member for, uh, one of the chairs for the Judiciary House judiciary. Schulz ran the DNC shoes, former chair of the DNC. Now. I don't I think that Pelosi's name would have been on it. Had they not had some other high ranking Democrats to put her name out there trying to give a little bit of that plausible deniable whatever they're trying to give her some space. But that was the whole thing. Remember in 2019 when she was tweeted this insane stuff, and Nancy Pelosi that all the house could do was come up with the resolution that didn't actually center. Eleanor Margaret didn't send her at all. It just said we don't like we don't like into Semitism. That's all. They are bigotry. It's all they said. I didn't want to deal with it. But now this has changed. And Ban bang a gong because and then now She's there there, Hershey and proceeded to leave are inferring that everyone who's criticizing Ellen Omar is Islamophobic and sexist, of course. And This is getting nasty. A it is Crazy. Oh, it's crazy, completely egregious. And I also have audio from Elaine Lauria. Representative. Wait a minute. Let me read you. The spokesperson's statement, Ellen Omar's spokesperson Jeremy Slevin. Listen to this quote. And now some of her own Democratic colleagues are joining up the same Islamophobic hate against her. Accusing her of giving covered a terrorist groups simply for exercising oversight over a criminal investigation. Uh, no, dude. She compared Israel and the United States to Hamas and the Taliban. That's And if you and we're not buying into this stupid, feeble deflection of you can't criticize her for what she says, because that's Islamophobic. Well, you can't disagree with me for criticizing her because that's sexist. Oh, Can't sorry. Now how you can't do it now how it works. Nancy Pelosi is going to have to get involved. It's getting that bad and then proceeded to lead came out and said it's sexist. Then. Now women can have a voice in the White House. It's sexist. I mean, it is a slap fight. Absolute slap fight. Mm hmm. Just was it was fascinating to hear this, So we're going to watch that that's going to be quite interesting. Very Mm. And then Also did you hear the story of, um Ron Johnson, Senator Ron Johnson. There he was banned. On YouTube. The federalist reports that YouTube banned him because he discussed early treatment of coronavirus. The position that YouTube takes is that everything on their site has to come from a certain set of of authorities. That apparently shifts quite a bit. So they censored corporately censored a sitting U. S. Senator A sitting U. S senator. Because he was simply talking about Uh, and by the way, he sits on Governmental Affairs Committee and Homeland Security Committee, and he was discussing the early treatment of coronavirus. And The YouTube sensors, which are sometimes they're super active, like even in the chat that we have for YouTube. Um Lorraine, who is our moderator? She's like, Well, tell me sometimes, like, Oh, my gosh. There, moderators. They were like making it to where we could even put links in. And I've I've heard that when I mentioned that before I heard that I heard from a lot of people like that's how one of the ways that they It's one of the ways that their moderation works, but they've shut down. Uh, any kind of discussion for instance, if Hydroxychloroquine now with there was a Washington Examiner piece yesterday. That highlighted how well research is now It's okay to admit that and acknowledge that Hoxie direct Hoxie, I can't talk Hydroxychloroquine works. Well, I know it does one of my very good friends, her mother in law. Contracted coronavirus. And she had fluid in her lungs. She went to the hospital, and I shared a portion with permission of her record on Instagram because she went into the hospital. She had fluid fluid filling up in our lungs. She went into the hospital. I believe it was on a Monday. They scanned her. They gave her hydroxychloroquine the cocktail thing, and then they did another scan and they, they said her lungs were virtually clear of all liquid. And then the next day she went home. And she is like she checks every box of of, you know of it getting bad. So We have headlines on the way and then Texas Governor Greg Abbott is going to build his own wall. Come and come and take it. Okay? We're going to talk to him about that. So you don't you don't want to miss it. We got a lot of good stuff up for you all good things as we get moving on our friends over at Super Beats are partners for this portion of our program. I like the vitamin D choose. In fact, I doubled up on them because I've been I've had such a I had a long week. I've kind of doubled up on all of actually don't even know how they have taken really done. 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