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Good? I was gonna say, I just will say that I also would love to hear more about the dynamic between Becky hammon and Chelsea gray. I think that that can make or break certain teams. And I think that you saw down the stretch, a lot of faith and trust in Chelsea playing one on one and getting a bucket from Becky Hammond. There was not a lot of scheme in terms of, hey, we're going to run on offense. Everyone to do this and this. Sometimes a lot of the times it became just give her the ball and make a play whether she scoring or whether she's getting somebody else involved. So I will say that I thought that that dynamic is great and I'd love to hear more about that and sit down interview with them too and talking about this playoffs run and just how that changed over time because Chelsea started to play unconscious and so Becky was like, we gotta ride that wave. That also happens though when you have a player's coach, right? Like someone who says, yo, I've been there before. Becky, like I've been there before. I've been in the zone. I'll let you do it. You know? And if you need help and you need us to support you, we'll do it because it clearly became that Chelsea gray show. Clearly. Cool. Yeah. Which amad at it. I don't think anybody walked away, being mad at that, you know? No. It's funny, 'cause Kurt Miller also was in reading one of mark's pieces on Kurt said he's done like the less coaching of any year. And his career, and this year. And I mean, that's kind of like what you get when you have one of the most dominant usage players in Alyssa. It's probably harder to make that decision as Becky when you have so many pieces in so many mouths to feed and I don't want to say Chelsea changed her game in any way. It just probably changed the volume of shots and the tempo. I mean, their pace went down incredibly. And it worked. Yeah. Yeah, a 100%. I think it was really cool just seeing all the love that beckingham and his got just, you know, being the first coach to win a title and doing our first year and being used to being overlooked. And just all of our different clothes you keep seeing, right? I just do me. You know, I'm focused on proving to myself that I'm the best and not to others. Like, I just think that's a very cool storyline. And I think it's good for the league. I think it's good for the league that they're seeing a former player come back and was able to dominate on the floor and as a coach. That'd be like dawn staley, you know, moving and coach WNBA, which I don't think is going to happen, but she'd be the equivalent of a dawn in that area, so. Yeah. For sure. Your thoughts and Connecticut. What you got on Connecticut next year, my friend. What are we looking at? Well, unlike the aces where they have pretty much everyone coming back with the exception of the Kia stokes. And then the next year they'll get I mean, they're not going to let Asia walk and I don't think age will leave. Yeah. It's a lot more gloomy on that side. They definitely have a decision to make, right? You can't because Brianna Jones is going to get a probably a max contract somewhere. And. I mean, obviously, if jazz Thomas comes back and I think you've spoken to her and you think that she did not want to hang it up after letting an injury end her career. So you assume that jazz will be back and that's a big piece. We know how important she is. I mean, you've spoken about that countless times about just not only on the court, but kind of leadership off the court. So that's one piece, but out of the three with John well, Brianna Jones alys Thomas, I think you can basically only keep two of those players. For me, this might come as a shock because she is the 2021 WNBA MVP, but I think you've got to look to shop John quell Jones. And my dream scenario I've started my guy. I was talking about this with our guy Gaby. The package that the mystics could put together for John Paul Jones. You mentioned this to me before. You have. You mentioned this to me before. I mean, I would do this, Shakira Austin. You're going to have a top three pick probably this year from LA. And then throw in another pick and I don't know, maybe three first round picks, but I mean, I would do that if I'm the mystics, right? I mean, just think about her playing with EDD, and Natasha cloud. Completely different. And I think Mike T would get some different aspects of her game that she doesn't get to expose on this Connecticut sun roster. And a healthy EDD with her. I mean, I guess we never got to see Tina Charles play with EVD. So I would love that. That would be my dream scenario, but if that doesn't happen, my guess is, if you're close to the organization, but it seems like they love three Jones. Yeah, I mean, how can you not? You know, I think anybody in the league, it would take her in a heartbeat. You know? I truly do. Because there's time and a place where you can play her and you can play her significant minutes and know that she's gone produce. My thing with Connecticut though is like, it also was a story of their bench. You know, if they had one more key, decent player on the bench, that also could have changed their series. You know, granted they made it without it, but they also would need that. Now, if someone could say like, hey, okay, with jazz Thomas coming back with a teacher Hardman become a bench player and then what do you look for that? Yes, but yes and no. Like who really knows, right? And then obviously anybody coming off an ACL, you never know what to expect. But I also think that that's of their thinking has to be critical thinking. If you got to get rid of somebody also, you got to also bring in a bench that is actually going to be able to play and contribute more. I think they wasted a lot of roster spots, unfortunately, on some of their bench that they had and just not playing them and not being useful. I think that was a difference between them in a Chicago. You know, I think Chicago gives you a great example of what a deep bench can really do when you're in Muddy Waters. And even though obviously they didn't get to the finals in their season, it looked how it looked. We have no doubt that if the team stays together, they could definitely come back and do it. You know, like they were right there, but they have the pieces to do it, right? It became a basketball thing. So I also think Connecticut's got to find some way to get some better pieces, especially coming off the bench. I do think DJ Carrington had a good year. Obviously, Brianna Jones had a great year. I don't think anybody expected anything different out of her being close at organization, but they've got to find at least one other piece, so to speak. That can really play major Benjamin and really increase the level of play. They've got to if they want to win a finals, which they haven't done yet.

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