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And you talking about politics today. That's another So we touch on education a bunch that was that was really good and and I really liked that. We touched on College because that's that's a huge You know jumping off point so deciding whether one you're going to do how you're gonNA approach you what you're trying to get out of it I think is super important And maybe waiting to you know exactly what you want to get out of it Because in the end it is knowledge it is education That whole goodwill hunting quote. You know Things that guy from Harvard you spent two hundred grand on education. You could have got for a dollar fifty and late fees at your local library. I mean the education is is available especially in this day in all my goodness. I mean So I it's not about Accessing the education necessarily But maybe more so finding What you WanNa do and what you can actually use To make a living Because me personally. What I'm interested in isn't necessarily what people are paying you to be interested in type of thing. I mean I I wouldn't go to classes but then I go to the local library books about chess and other stuff that I would be interested. It's amazing they have Had just online you can do the these mooks right. The massive online open class Yeah and you can take a class at Harvard. You can take a class. You know In kinda just audit and and sit in on these classes via these these mooks these massive massive online m o o c whatever that first time is massive online something online classes but his opportunity to do that. And Yeah so the world is open to to do whatever you on just between like you jump on Youtube and you got a million Ted talks. Oh how many educational podcasts are out there earlier. It's it's just yours for the taking. You can't possibly choose at all no so But having those options and Yeah so And of course that leads to work but I guess in closing genevieve and I appreciate Jamie for helping. Clarify this Yeah in before college. You know having these conversations I mean so far. She's wanted to be a cashier a ballet dance instructor a teacher. And which will probably change one hundred more times but just having those conversations and And Yeah just discussing the pros and cons and that education or learning curiosity. It's not a school thing. It's kind of a live thing and it's going to enrich your life regardless and Yeah just being flexible in and going from there yeah any closing thoughts job shadow rate experience. Get out yeah get experience And see see what's wrong with the real world like job shadowing. Is I think not necessarily an internship but just shadow somebody You know if she still wants to you know when she's fourteen fifteen still thinking about maybe ever job shadow a dance instructor. Yeah I think. Job Shadow just a day or two. It's incredible that builds your network of friends and people you know I'd love to see that in school is actually people from the community. Come and talk about their jobs. I mean how many jobs are out there that you don't even exist. Oh Yeah my job. Before I had the industry existed. I think a lot of people fall into that. You know so. Yeah Keep Your Eyes Open and Kind of know what you want your education to get you and hopefully it will love Ya. Genevieve and That's it..

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