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The and the lady was introducing me and when she was introduced to me, it felt like dead. bottom of the nights runner on second and third two outs is my time at the plate. That's what it felt. Like once I was done delivering the speech. It felt like I hit a double in the gas to win the game. And in that moment. I knew that speaking was going to feel that competitive void of playing baseball and I put the the determination off the work ethic the focus and it took me sixteen years of trying to build my name and reputation locally to break through in the industry before the internet sixteen years of hustle sixteen years of focus in that 16th year a district saw my talent and it one day in one sitting at a school district. I booked up but no exaggeration. I'm not bragging a hundred dates in one day and that that means I'm going to speak at every one of their schools multiple times that year and that changed the course wage. Trajectory of my speaking business and here I am twenty-three years later still doing what I love to do. So young people watching this as an athlete you have some skills that are transferable that nobody else has so listen to what these brothers are teaching you because this is what it's all about that you go. Paul Boy song You Baby equipment to two things. I would love to definitely connect with you offline. Yes wage, but at the Toastmasters, who was that core audience, you know, what they were all older. They were all white. They were all older than me that was different generation and I was in there or been fired it was like who was I didn't I was doing know I was just talking and then probably come a couple of cuss words came out because I was wasn't polished them yet, you know, I mean baseball field but it was about fifteen or sixteen people that were most of them were older than me and a couple of generations older than me and they just were a audience that poured into me. Yep. Sent to me taught me the game loved on me and I I took off from Toastmasters gotcha. So I say that because I was watching a peace because I did some of the similar stuff you did back when I was at the radio station and I got pushed back here in Atlanta and I say that because I came into the school system and did something similar and like you said a feeling that felt like I hit that game-winning shot got that you know that game-winning dunk and then it was how do you grow from there? How do you take it to the next level and you've been doing it for years on top of years on top of years and you're not seeing you you're not seeing the results the results of that taking off by something that Eric Thomas said I was watching a video that he had said something about I don't go to African American schools. I go to the white schools that have a small population of African-Americans, but I'm out here motivating them a wage. Would help Propel him get to that next level and I wanted to pick your brain on there. And like I said, hopefully and I think for Me in Montana, if you could bring back that question for me bunch of what you had asked as Kevin. I think the biggest issue that you have is find like you said, I think athletes their top confident we're we're taught that there's no such thing as losing cuz all we know how to do is win. Now, you have to learn how to channel that win to say. You gotta what they always say you can win the game you can win the war you can win the battle but you're not going to win that on or around that for you and see to me. I feel like I have to win every battle. Yeah, and I have to win every war and it's just me and my girlfriend and tell you all day. She's like he got a win everything but that stay competitive spirit that I have. Yes, I don't take Hills. So now off. I'm getting older and it's like how do you learn and how do you transition because I have this confidence that ain't nobody Virgil is not going to beat me at right in the in this livestream have in the Sprinter, but they said I ran like a deer so I'm going to get.

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