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This is WTO news It's four 53 Violence erupted in a quiet Frederick neighborhood early this morning when a driver and sheriff's deputy exchanged gunfire The Frederick county sheriff says the deputy attempted to pull over 28 year old lookman Khalil Bello for suspected DUI on two 70 but he sped off and led police on a chase Driver bailed out The foot pursuit ended up over rooks court Sheriff chuck Jenkins has bellow shot first then the deputy returned fire and hit the suspect three times He was transported by ground to shotgun No one else was harmed corley Norris lives in an apartment building nearby My bedroom window is right there It kind of shook my window a little bit In Frederick Luke Luger WTO P news Hey Sunday is the first official day of spring And if you're the type who does spring cleaning goodwill is hoping that you'll keep in mind that they could use your donations If it's good enough that you might give it to a friend or family member then it's generally going to be good enough to resell it a goodwill store Brendan Hurley if goodwill of greater Washington says 91 cents of every dollar earned goes to programs We are in a very tough economy and goodwill provides members of our community a second chance through our free job training and employment programs Goodwill has 22 stores in the region 20 have donation centers Christy king WTO be news Well Maryland voters will pick their candidates for governor in a primary coming up in July but a democratic insider is questioning whether black candidates have a chance at winning statewide office NBC four's Tracy Wilkins explains how the party is responding A leaked email from the treasurer of the Maryland Democratic Party led to her forced resignation this week In the email she questioned the electability of a black gubernatorial candidate in Maryland coming up on news four reaction from African American candidates currently running and we talk of Ben jealous The last black democratic Maryland gubernatorial candidate who speaks out on his own experiences with the party It's four 54 lauro cavazos junior the first Latino to serve in a presidential cabinet has passed away at the age of 95 Cavazo say Texas ranch forman son rose to become the secretary of education in the administration of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush Texas tech university where he served as president says he died Tuesday at his Massachusetts home He was 95 years old as we've said a Democrat whose entire career after that point had been spent in academia cavazos was appointed education secretary late in Reagan's second term tobacco's resigned his cabinet post in December of 1990 reportedly under pressure.

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