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A multistorey apartment building of seattle's northgate neighborhood the fire near the intersection of one hundred thirteen street and meridian abedee north went to three alarms it's not clear what caused that blaze to a fire crews nurettin were mopping up hotspot saturday morning from an intense house fire authorities say started on a back then spread to neighbouring home and then surrounding trees everyone inside got out safely no word yet on what caused that blaze but a cigarette butt is suspected but escape from he turned deadly friday night after a man jumped still a guam ish river and never came back up rescue divers had a third for about thirty minutes before they found the man's body it within a deep section of the river down near the bottom now they pulled the man backup to shore they started cpr but he was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later friend phu witnesses accident left this park in tears they were two griefstricken even talk about it rescuers say they got a call for help just before eight o'clock that a man had jumped off of haller bridge and never came back up her air one witness says the man had actually climbed up to one of the higher points on the bridge and then struck the water at a dangerous angle once you dropped rescuers say it is an unpredictable section here at the rear this is the point in the river at right at howard bridge where we have to fork said the river that converts and so it the accounts very turban the water is fast moving in even though it summertime in ants ninety plus degrees outside that river is still a lot colder than you think crews out here say it is too early in the investigation to know if drinking or drugs played any role in this tragic accident cuomo's drove marino reporting it's thirty four past the hour komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's the working on that this apartment far that has meridian avenue clothes in an northgate this is between north gateway and one 15th other networking pretty good around the rest of the area i'm not seen any issues right now on i five wrote king pierce thurston or snow khomich county his 405 is looking really good and into in his poll right now and he's on five twenty or.

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