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Welcome. Where do you live Sioux City Iowa? Whoa. But of a hall to Nashville a little bit. It would have been a thirteen hour drive, but Iowa and the midwest we decided to fly here. That's good idea. I think like it welcome. So here to do a debt free scream. I've been looking forward to it. We're glad you're here. How much have you paid off right around one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars very good, and your how long did that take you that took me just over three and a half years? Good good and your range of income during that time. It was pretty steady actually about sixty thousand the whole time. Okay. What do you do? I'm working retail sales and retail management. Good for you. Okay. What kind of debt was this one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars I owed about fifteen thousand dollars on some credit cards. I never met a credit card. I didn't like about ten thousand dollars on my Jeep about ten thousand dollars on my camper that rarely got used, but I had to have it. The rest of it was my house. You bite off your did. Wow. Why? God man, you very cool. What's your house worth right around one twenty five and how old are you? Thirty eight new a paid for house hate for how I'm looking at weird people. I love it. Don on sir. Excellent. Very cool. Man. You said you said, you're thirty eight thirty eight thirty eight years old that is awesome. Man. Thanks. So tell me what got you started on this three and a half years ago. I wish I would have started this when I was in my twenties. David, I can do this anybody can I'm the most stubborn man out there. I'm set in my ways, my whole family and friends will tell you that. So if I can do it anybody can the Carl five years ago would never have seen this happening. There's no way that you could have told me from five years ago that I would be here in Nashville, Tennessee, doing a debt free scream. It actually started back when we were kids. I remember we were sitting around the family table. And our dad was doing his bills like he did every month. And I think my brothers were there, and he said to us kids. He said boys, you're nothing if I don't remember exactly what he said something like, you're nothing. If you don't pay your debts on time, you pay your bills on time something along that regards man of your word type of thing. And as I got older, and adulthood, I think I heard is I saw the credit card commercials and everything on TV I started worshiping at the altar of the FICO score. I did everything I could to pay my bills on time pay my debts be a man of my word is a happened. My credit score went up up and up and I had at eight twenty credit score before I knew it. And I'm happy to share the fact that an each one.

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