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Capital One Bank studios in Washington. This is the CBS news weekend roundup. Here's correspondent Steve Dorsey. Congress has been considering new changes that could affect how you fly. It's part of the massive FAA reauthorization Bill correspondent Bill Rakoff talked about it with CBS news Transportation Safety analyst and former NTSB cheer. Mark Rosen ker, Mark. This new Bill is very interesting. And I think the one that everybody is going to pay attention to the one aspect of it. Most is room on the airlines, and this Bill has something to say about that. Well, finally, the FAA is going to have to the sets a minimum requirements for seat sizes. We have seen the seat size and the amount of room for coach passengers shrink from thirty five inches of pitch, which is basically the measurement from the back of the seat that you're sitting in to the. Seat in the back of the seat in front of you from thirty five inches back in the late seventies and early eighties to now thirty one inches and in some low cost carriers down to twenty eight inches. So they're going to come up with some requirements for the the actual seats is the whip the amount of legroom. And then, of course, minimum standards for the pitch. Any other parts of this Bill that drew your attention? What we're looking at are everything from the creation of an office of space ports by the FAA? And that group is going to be looking in the future on what these space ports are going to look like in in the licensing procedures in the infrastructure. And then, of course, the things that they're going to be putting into legislation and regulation the prevention if you will of putting live animals in overhead bins, we're talking about higher penalties for those that deal with interference of the flight crews we're talking about possibly. Even bringing up a pregnant women aboard the aircraft. I so lots of interesting changes. But one of the ones that clearly consumers are mostly interested in our seat size and new once you clear the gate and get on board, the aircraft the airline will not be able to pull you off in a case of an overbooking or mistake or something like that. Right. Exactly. Plus, they're looking for a little more transparency when they cancel a flight or delay a flight and blame it on the weather. It better be on the weather rather than other issues. CBS news Transportation Safety analyst, Mark Rosen Kerr speaking with correspondent Bill Rakoff, a new warning from the CDC about an S T D that could be passed on to babies newborns. Syphilis cases have reached a twenty year high. According to the CDC here in Atlanta, the number of cases, doubling and just four years. We have more women with syphilis now in the United States, and that means inherently we have a higher risk of babies having syphilis after. Virginia Bowen with the CDC says when syphilis has passed onto a baby from his or her mother it can result in miscarriage stillbirth or number of lifelong, physical and mental health problems. The CDC once every pregnant woman to be tested at least once.

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