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Galbraith they're also busy westbound on the Reagan between Hamilton and call right now but it was I'm rob Williams newsradio seven hundred W. O. W. gradual clearing a lower twenty degrees for tomorrow mostly sunny my high of thirty seven at night mostly clear and a low twenty one bring your severe weather station I'm nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh news radio seven hundred W. L. W. are you having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit you need more than just listening to police nabi dot over and over and over again Scott Sloan achei Santa slowly and lose those Christmas blues tomorrow morning at nine on seven hundred WLW I can't help but love this time of year the between the parties recitals and finding gifts for everyone on your list and you're going to need a little something to help you make the most of it introducing McDonald's new sneaker deal with flurry and bacon barbecue burger made with one hundred percent fresh beef and crispy Applewood smoked bacon it's an easy delicious dinner so you can keep savoring the season at participating accounts for a lot of time available most restaurants to use US not available Alaska Hawaii US territories owners how many homes you think you've insulated over that period time Steve you know we have a lot of divisions of course you know were national company writers point and we've grown to that level because of the work we do.

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