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Williams back to school back to work this week after the Thanksgiving holiday, and it looks like we're in for a good bit of cold weather. We'll have that story and others for you in just a moment. But an accident on I 85 North and north of Highway 53 has the North found side totally jammed up in Jackson County. I'm Caleb Hutchins update in traffic after news and weather Any chance of snow showers later this afternoon into the evening across the north Georgia mountains. Oh, yeah, And we're tracking that risk with mornings on Main Street coming up on Wdun. Not to steal any of John Weatherby Thunder. But let's talk about that cold weather because the coldest temperatures of the season our are moving into our state overnight rain making way for wintry temperatures and blustery winds. Now, John says there is a chance of snow in the North Georgia Mountains later on today, mainly along a line that reaches from Canton to Dawsonville. Toe Helen so north of us in an inch of accumulation, possible hazardous travel may be the biggest problem with up to two inches possible high. Televisions now temperatures expected to drop into the twenties for most of the state that includes even parts of South Georgia, and that will happen over the next few nights. We'll have more details in a moment. The rate of new covert 19 cases, actually dropping slightly. In Georgia Public health officials reporting 1700 new cases in yesterday afternoon's report. Seven day rolling average has fallen below 2350. That's down around 300 from a week ago. Now, as we reported last week, court officials in Hall County putting a stop to jury trials this week because of rising numbers of cases locally, hospitalizations for the virus hit 176 yesterday at Northeast Georgia held system facilities. That's the highest number since early August on Lee three, away from the all time high. Doug Collins endorsed Senator Kelly Lefler on Election night, putting an end to a bitter year long battle between the two Now the game's Hill congressman is on the campaign trail with her W W wins Mitch Clark with that story Angel Republican joint Leffler Saturday for a campaign rally in Pickens County, as she and Senator David Perdue look to lure voters back to the polls for the January 5th run off. Two races will decide which party will control the U. S. Senate for the next two years. Republicans were concerned that party infighting could hurt them in the run offs. They believe that conservative voters who support President Trump's claims of a rigged election. Might stay home. Giving Democrats John are soft and Raphael Warnock and advantage.

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