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And you learn all these quote unquote tools to make you more successful in whatever job field that you are in. And of course you're taught by coaches who have not been sucks successful in their own right. Well, Nexium has been labeled as a pyramid scheme, a sex trafficking operation, and even a sex Colt. A report for the Ross institute described it someone ours as expensive brainwashing. Most notably, Nexium has also been accused of being a recruiting platform for Colt operating within a group called dos in which women were forced into sexual slavery and actually branded. So you may remember that in October of two thousand seventeen. There was an article. It ran in New York Times detailing. How dos was the secret sisterhood within Nexium where female members were referred to as slaves branded with the initials of Keith Rin year who started Nexium an actress. Allison Mack, you may remember her from a show called smallville. So they were all these women were subjected to corporal punishment from their masters and had to provide nude photos or other potentially damaging information about themselves as collateral. So like a video where they're totally nude or they're doing something or using like. Some sort of toy or they're on camera talking about family members saying in many weight in many in many ways, they would make up lies about family members, something that they could give us clattering we'll Sarah Edmonson was a Canadian actress. She'd been a coach for Nexium and a participant since two thousand five. She left the group and testified that Alison inducted her into dos the preceding March in her Albany house. So it was like a bunch of women. These participants were blindfolded naked held down by Allison and three other women, and they were branded by Nexium affiliated Dr. Daniel Roberts using a cauterize in Penn. I mean, talk about painful. Some of them had said we'll Sarah has since how to child. So she said it was actually more painful than childbirth on December fifteenth. Two thousand seventeen.

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