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Catch up with him since I'm looking at it. We'll do this piecemeal. The second half of the show is going to get busy. But that first leg innocent storm the five from stats and Mitchell Dakota would and she gets a frost. Who's making a seasonal debut for Kelly Martinez? Who's WHO's good with six months plus layoffs? This is a six year old mayor. Chance of frost still save grabbed inside but the two to unfavored innocent storm. The horse defeat in the first leg. Maybe Navy you lean. Maybe that's maybe that's the big lean. Jim Meals Verno. As I mentioned on the outside to the others last winter that Dixie Delta Bob Mitzner and eight to one probably the probably coming off the best last race so tough second second leg is is GonNa be tricky third leg memories Galore and dirty Dixie road and your the reason Jake Elise EAC address dirty dixie. Road five to two. You're the reason for two one fackler for Jessie Compton. Memories War Six. Two One. Four or trade about par. I think I think you gotta use all three The five thousand on lifetime you got.

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