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You know, people people followed him where he's couldn't play quarterback. Can't throw exactly twenty yard line. Here you need to be more than a leader of men to be a quarter. But. Kyla Moore's good quarterback. He won the Heisman Trophy. Let's not forget that. This is not just in the ether as a theorem Baker Mayfield. He's got the hardware and Baker Mayfield. Arguably we really go through Cleveland. And so like when I watched this stuff like I I stopped trying to scout. Anything after Marcus visor washed out a league? Okay. I was convinced that Marcus visor out of Ohio Iowa State was going to be a great NBA player. I was completely wrong. I just gave up on the whole the whole enterprise in every sport. So like with with this sort of stuff like I pretend like I know Kyle is a good quarterback enough. It's the how we talk about the quarterback thing like Jared Goff doesn't get talked about as a leader of men, and nobody even knows the sound of his voice. That's as much about person study. Anything sounds kind of like just talk as smooth. What he is there to pals. You can do Baker Mayfield or you can do the sort of Peyton Manning boring by design I will remain on controversy at all times robot quarterback guy, and that's the direction that that jerk off has gone down. It's more as personality, whatever. But like you. So you can do it either wet. Yeah. You have to be able to make the throws you have to be able to do the football stuff. I would give Cuyler Murray the benefit of the doubt just as much as I would rose. Okay. Then that's what I'm saying. So whomever, they get I think their questions are still plenty. However, if I'm a team like the cardinals where my quarterback situation is up in the air. Anyway, I'm not counting that against Cuyler Murray for value. Is you throw you a mid first round or Josh Rosen. You. Exactly sure you do that every single time considering and that's not a knock on in per se. It's about the simple man management of rousers. In the NFL. If you're going to get two guys for one. Heck, yeah. So somebody offered two first round picks for Jared Goff Jared Goff who's doing that making a bad second of the year last year. GME's not doing it. But say it was like I see what you find the quarterback position fascinating. Because I still eats the most other than maybe goalie in hockey. Nothing swings your franchise, and it's hockey. So nobody cares. Nobody's nothing swings. Your franchise more than a quarterback. Now do not have a good enough quarterback. You cannot win a Super Bowl. Correct. You can't just you can't. But rose his proven nothing more. And that's this stage. If you add rose in pus Kingsbury, maybe my you still gotta maybe what I still think. It's like, I still don't know if we ask the right questions that we talk about quarterbacks in the weirdest ways for the most like important thing ever and just lean on why did anybody draft Johnny Menzel because he's exciting as a winner. Well, Johnny Manziel is or to Brown's was the breast, but what the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. That'd be talked out of it right taxes. Well, they're not from Texas Menzel some tax related him in the it's not as mid Jerry Jones is is not the football Gurultu Jerry Jones thinks he is. But there are still enough people who are do this for a living bright or not that gets just you know, what he's a winner. This is my thing. Whatever saying it's the worst coach position in the league. Nobody necessarily knows what they're doing. And that's why it's difficult with anybody. Who is not a so-called blue Chipper or doesn't just fit the proverbial mold of six five to fifty guy who down the field. It's much easier that way to justify your own lack of knowledge or what you cannot teach do. Oh, he had all the tools. We could make a matter. He just sucks. Well, maybe you just suck as an educator of football. I mean, I'm serious about this. Because there are a lot of dudes that learn how to play the game..

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