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Com Wdun is taking breaking news coverage to a new level You can get breaking news, weather and sports text alerts sign up today at Access wdun dot com is just another way. We put news first at a on 5 50, an FM one. Oh 2.9 wdun. 22 past seven. Moving straight into a brand new morning and sunshine officially have just a handful of go. What happens next? Here's John Weatherby to explain. Happy Weekend sunshine for today. Light East Wind High of 81 mostly clear 60 for tonight Sunny 83. Tomorrow Sunday Sunshine 87 from the Access Wdun Weather Center. I'm meteorologist John Weatherby starting out today with Clear skies around the north Georgia area, Sunshine officially up at 7 15 Heart will 60 degrees. Checking in this morning with salty makuuchi. 53 Gainesville after morning low of 58, where 59 north Georgia's Newstalk Wdun Sports Coming your way. Caleb has a fistful of it. So let's jump to it. A service of Howard Brothers, Outdoor Power and hardware Thanks, Bill. The Braves needed extra innings last night to win their three game seven. The Nationals they won in 10 innings on a walk off RB single from Jaak Peterson, 7 to 6. Stephen Vogt hit two home runs, and Jorge Soler, Freddie Freeman and Adam Duvall also all homered. In the effort. The Braves will stay at home denied as they start a series with the Marlins. First pitch is at 7 20. Atlanta was finally able to add to their division lead yesterday as that wind was coupled with the Phillies lost to the Rockies, 4 to 3. The Braves now lead the NL East by 3.5 games. Also yesterday, the Marlins beat the Mets 3 to 2 Cardinals beat the Dodgers, 2 to 1 and the Athletics meet the White Sox.

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