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I thought I was blown was screaming and Harland for up to 17 inches of rain fell in Humphreys County in less than 24 hours Saturday. Search and rescue teams are going through debris using dogs to try to sniff out any missing people, while shelters have been set up, also at local schools, the Dallas police chiefs defending his department following allegations made by a Texas candidate, former Texas GOP chair and current candidate for governor, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, is calling the DW on the arrest of his wife, Angela, by Dallas police wrongful and corrupt. He spread that message online and in interviews, But Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia says What West is saying doesn't paint the real picture. False representations about my officers cannot go unchecked. They worked too hard and they sacrifice too much. Angela West is charged with D wi with a child. In Dallas. Clayton Neville W B. A P News, the COVID 19 3rd Dose Booster shot is now available for for those who are immuno compromised, the FDA approved a booster shot for those who are immuno compromised. Tarrant County Public Health director Vinnie Tunisia just asked for you to consult with your doctor first because of these complicated immuno compromising situations. We want to make sure that you've given them a heads up that you're going to go get your third shot, seek their advice. Otherwise, there's not a doctor's note needed. You can come to any pharmacy. Says the booster shots will be available for everyone following approval by mid September. Cat Bones Iron Vape News again We do expect clear skies overnight lows should be 78 degrees. Right now. It's 88 degrees in Carrollton. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. You're next update at 10 30 24 7 coverage is that w b a p dot com This is the news and talk of Texas. It's Chris Crock right now on you stalking 20 w B.

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