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We'll say i think he's changed i beg he's changed for the better in many ways and some speeches he gives but the consistency isn't there by any means i mean he gives a u n speech that was remarkably effective firstclass forget whether liberals will give them the credit for that but he in my mind he gave a great speech and by the weekend he was having a fight with the nfl was to talk you didn't hear another day of the un speech so i mean he'll learn from that i think i hope when you look back at your tenure ge you had you know look it's a big company with many tentacles and you were there for many years so there were an awful lot of different issues controversies occasional crises you had financial you had environmental you had some involving personnel walk me through what felt at the time like the worst one and how you addressed it the worst one i think i think of off hand well i had a number of experiences in my life and while i was running it that one comfortable i blow up a factory that was early on right and tell the story about how your boss or who maybe it wasn't your immediate boss maybe bosh ignore me yeah he made sure he got away from me and i blew the roof off the factory fortunately no one was killed i was called new york's explain what happened by my boss's boss's boss so i met this guy really for the first time guy named charlie read i.

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