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If you blind date be it. There's no difference and It's it's a little frustrating to see some of the stuff that's out there And then you hear something. It's amazing and it's like oh so I don't know it's it's curious the whole thing but you were. We were talking before everyone you went to commercial and the rest of US ran into the bathroom. it's good that they have that catheter retired so I I think I like headphones can you and your have. You taught me about headphones back with graders. Us right way back when concern. It's so amazing. All the headphones that are out these days. Yeah and then I bought. And this was Scott. Wilkinson's recommendation he reviewed it Recently this little Dak. It's called a hip. Dak from I fi- and it's it's a battery backed up. You know so it's got its own power and you and you take the USB out of your Mac book which has an okay Dak or Using it with X. P. S. thirteen. And so you just get the digital audio from your device you can use it with your iphone with a right cable and this really makes it big difference then you can put on some put some decent headphones in it sounds good and his way. I'm a little more portable you know. Yeah well my workstation. Yeah yeah actually. Some good speakers with these might be pretty might be pretty good. It's funny like Audio quest who makes Expensive Speaker Cables But they do a whole series. This is their high and one that I got in for review The dragonfly tax in that thing. This is the Dak was the actual physical. These things are ridiculously good. I would start with the black unless you have like. Some player headphones. That require a lot of power. Those things complete overkill for the vast majority but the the dragonfly back is Amazing I am listening on hi. Fi men Electro plane are whatever you should. You should look at Dan Clark Audio and and The a onto that they just came out with. I'm actually getting a set of those in for To take a look at but Dan Clark if they're closed headphones are astonishing. If you're at my age I should probably just wear hearing aids and these are pretty third and there. It's funny 'cause when he came out with the original aons you know I was talking to Mike. You're you're delivering something. It's like as good as your primary product but for half the price and part of his thing is he's just out there kind of blow up the industry and deliver as much mys- breaks his heart. Because there's so many kids listening on these little white ipod headphones or iphone headphones. I don't think the music I really don't that. Also be something. I remember the revision. Three offices I kind of became like you know the man I hear you hear you can make music sound better. I'd like a set of headphones. And then disappear come back. It'd be like you know and even like Santa Sony. Md are seventy five zero six. Which Roberts probably wearing right now or has near like for eight hundred bucks. Yeah those are good head right now. Yeah Yeah heard with an external or a USB Dak That I love from a company called Shit and they're full Cho C. H. I. E. They're very good. Yeah I I do something that gave me a physical knob like old school analog Knob for volume control. It happens to perform perfectly and you're looking for a headphone amplifier. Take a company called J. D. S. Labs I know these guys friends But they're Adam amplifier for ninety nine dollars When you go to someplace like audio science review it's outperforming. The this is a ninety nine dollar inexpensive product. They did because they they do There elements was society. I my old headphone amplifier. Dak kind of trashed they had. Just come out with the element. I fell in love with it. And then the the primary engineer spent a couple of years kind of experimenting and figuring out how to lay out the boards and he's created this. You know I was laughing because they had this like you know. Thirteen hundred dollar said of this very serious audio companies speakers and it was picking up all the noise from thirty four inch curved monitor. It was really frustrating because if there was a pause something. Or if there's a quiet passage I would hear noise from the Monitor. And then this ninety nine dollar headphone amplifier. You could basically like shove it up against the alternator of car and it picked up nothing. I mean you know I it was it was next to this monitor and it was picked up nothing. And it's an amazing like companies like these guys like GPS labs and and again like Mr Speakers. They're delivering astonishing audio quality for not that much money and It's amazing stuff. You guys talk about a Navy Excel. It is talk about T- screens and projectors and content and what's going on in the industry and Yeah Good Roberts Roberts kind of if you if you ever want to know about television's Robert I. He's he is calibrated. Several of my. Tv's thank you Robert Very much. You are very well without his calibration. I wouldn't know if the field is redder. Blue our our show today brought to you by a longtime sponsor..

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