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We figure that any play a friday night game often pullman now all saturday guelleh's you dove place to go to but there's no thursday night game for us see i got nothing they got there at notre dame can they changed the schedule for us can accommodate us efforting you have no problem with me jinxing dodgers it's more your football america schedule yet governor yes absolutely efforts you what did i learned today espn's adam schefter greece this whole thing speeches must be reduced to no more than twenty minutes yeah i said how about a scroll the bottom mother given their speech to thank all the other people what we learn brought to you by callaway most iconic fairway wood and you can make an even more versatile and powerful get the new steelhead x or learn more about the number one fairway would engulf at callaway golf dot com today thanks to the phone calls emails tweet solo around support talk some usc football tomorrow for seat pauley fridge seemed eleven yours truly this offended and patrick show have a great day hbo's is game of thrones is back for its season winter is finally here and so or the white walker's will the seven kingdoms of west rose survived the threat from the north or will they fall in the looming war for the iron thrown after you've done watching an episode joined the discussion here on the game of thrones after show on podcast one every week our host discuss each episode in detail from shocking twists to fan theories as the series chronicles the violent struggle among the realms noble families for ultimate tower joined the fray every week on podcast dot com the podcast one app or subscribe on apple podcast.

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