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That's what i wanna know baked catfish aita we'll come back of your chance bestworst the weekend right after this hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all our great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast we certainly couldn't do without either of you and i wanted to remind you that you can support our sponsors by going to our show pager podcast onecom clicking on the support this podcast button and day you will see all our wonderful sponsors that helped make this show possible thank you for downloading subscribing at of course supporting and now back to the show stay tuned for sixty seconds fake news headlines right after this podcast joe blockage ruinous about fifteen minutes from now joe was our bono johnny oh no moment of the week now do you think he heard this segment we had or somebody told him about this segment we had his joel i think got ahold of fritz see and ask if if we wanted him on correct all okay yep on maybe all new policy you know like if you are the ono moment of the week and you call in new get new than them in a certain easy nicer this was the johnny oh moment of the week pascrell arts are at soccer cleric forestay soccer choir show that his new girlfriend us jenna says they're all stand together this week that's his new and they were all staying together.

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