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A variety of topics. We're taking an in depth look at Apple's new hardware. New software tools for editors and a technology briefing on a new high quality Kodak for distribution. Oh, no, not another Kodak, another Kodak and not only another Kodak. It's great new Kodak, wait to learn more about it. Can't wait to hear. James work, and we go on the web to learn more about these and other stories all these stories and more can be found at doddle, news dot com and James to Rufo is the editor in chief of doddle news dot com and join us every week see next Thursday have good weekend. Here's another website. I want to introduce you to Donald news dot com dot news, gives you a portal into the broadcast video and film industries. It's a leading online resource, presenting news, reviews and products for the film and video industry. Donald news also offers resource guide and crew management platforms specifically to sign for production. These digital call sheets along with their apt directory and premium listings provide in-depth organizational tools for busy production professionals on news as part of the awards community, a community of artists filmmakers and storytellers from filmmaking performing arts define arts and everything in between Salo is filled with resources you need to succeed. What do you want the latest industry news need to network with other creative professional's require state of the art online tools to manage your next project? There's only one. In place to go. Donald news dot com..

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