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Story I've seen in the best 24 hours. Richard Marx. So a package filled with Unidentified white powder over there. I honestly never that we'd we'd be talking about Richard Marx and Rand Paul together. But so he received this white powder arrived at his home, which is scary and then burying a picture of a bruised and bandaged Paul so clearly a big threat here. He had this is and and that he blamed it on Richard Marx. Well, Richard Marx set out an interesting tweet with all this happening. Rand. Paul had this to sandbox news yesterday. You know? What do you say to his claim that he never suggested anybody do any violence towards you? You know, I had six ribs broken, three of them dislocated where they rubbed on each other for weeks and weeks to the healed. They damaged my long I had pneumonia twice. A year later, I was coughing up blood, then had to have a portion of my lung removed, then got an infection in the space between the lung and the chest wall and almost died from that and have permits scarring of my loan, And he's offering a guy to buy drinks if somebody will do it again and finish the job. Yeah. I mean, he didn't. It's an interesting way of posting something on Twitter now, not directly, maybe threatening that person, but I've seen that with people with a lot of followers before, and I think Richard Marx says, Like I mean, nothing to brag about. But it's certainly a lot of significant about 300 plus 1000 followers to, you know, pretty much go out on a side and say Hey, read between the lines, But I want to buy this guy, you know a beer. No, That's not cool, either. Six. You might recall he had six ribs that were broken a year ago. I remember. Yeah, I mean, and I get it. You put yourself out there and when you especially someone in the public eye like Rand, Paul, but still Something like that. His neighbor just unacceptable for that. Biden State Department signaling support for the BLM flag to be flown at U. S Embassies are gonna make this real quick. But there was a memo. Apparently that allows us diplomats to fly the black lives matters flag. Outside of a few different embassies Now. This was spotted yesterday with the George Floyd one year anniversary. But there's a handful of different embassies around the country that are now flying. This flag, the BLM batter, and I was doing a little bit of digging real quickly. I thought wait a minute. BLM Black lives matter is a political organization. You call it whatever you want, But that's exactly what it is. That's gotta violate something. So as I was doing some digging, I realized and found that the hatch Act of 1939 You ever hear of that? It's the act to prevent political activities. US federal law outside and the only people that are exempt, I believe is the president, the vice president, but it prohibits Civil service employees in the executive branch of the federal government. From engaging in some forms of political activity. Intervention to see how long those bm BLM flags are flying. It's a 48 use radio 6 10 w TVN sports winning night for the unions and Reds. Cleveland Down in Detroit again 41 the final errands a volley, took a shutout in the ninth and gets his seventh win. Cesar Hernandez in Jordan Loop low. Both homer the Reds had to one winner in Washington. Tyler Malli and three relievers holding the Nationals will run on four hits the offense provided by Kyle Farmer and a U. N. U. Suarez, who both homered. The Clippers lost to Nashville. Some off the field news Dick Lips announcing Huntington Park will be allowed to go to full capacity starting June 15th. Meanwhile, under the Watch your temper stupid injury file. We have tried pictures at Police Act who was placed on the injured list with a fracture in his right Pharma Police Act suffered the injury Sunday when, after rough outing, he ripped off his jersey and frustration in the clubhouse and his hands smacked hard against the chair. Breaking his thump. The Bangles yesterday opened OT a job Earl coming off his A C L surgery was on the field but limited burrows, saying he's on pace to be full go by the start of training camp. Meanwhile, the NFL telling teams, they can return to having fans on hand to watch training camp workouts later this summer and the Browns and the Bangles among the teams that have been given the green light to be a full capacity for games in the fall ratings for the final round of the PGA when Phil Mickelson made history with his wind. Or the highest for that event since 2018 when Tiger Woods was in contention and finished second from the central high Ohana dealer. Sports test Matt recorded radio 6 10 W TV all right into the newsroom Now with Scott Jenny Scott what he working on for nine o'clock. Brandon, the Ohio attorney general, Seeing a massive surgeon calls for service for BCS crime scene unit as walls for calls to investigate the use of force by law enforcement. G debut assist So far, they're sure there have been 173 crime scene unit requests in the same timeframe and 2020. There were 81 Ghost is hoping to hire more agents and potentially get more funding. The anniversary. George Floyd's death was marked by violence in several cities yesterday. Look what happened. Coming up at nine o'clock already 50 traffic.

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