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News. good morning it is seven thirty one our temperature seventy seven degrees we take a look at the roads of heather your morning right now we have an injury crash involving an S. U. V. and a bus on Houston levy at far drive that teaching levy at far drive the fire departments on the scene as well as police with a crash on south Lamar Avenue at American way I wreck still working on the westbound three eighty five at the dinner stating forty which I think your this report is sponsored by unbound dot org right now there are young people across the world facing a tough choice continue their dream of education or drop out to help their families put food on the table you can help change the future in a single moment see how far your support can go at unbound dot org. sunny and hot today high temperature in the upper nineties and then for tonight clear skies the low in the mid seventies tomorrow sunny and back to the mid nineties then we'll have low nineties coming up on Friday Saturday and Sunday currently it is seventy seven degrees your Memphis morning news time seven thirty two I'm Tim van horn six hundred W. R. E. C. ninety two point one FM in the I heart radio out thanks for joining us they were cast off him Conrad this half hour. Tigers snow tiger football this week by week they'll be back at it a week from Thursday seven o'clock at liberty bowl stadium against navy that pre game will be at five but again it is a bye week Tigers resting up getting ready as they are currently three no here in the twenty nineteen season all right let's talk about on the state history it is September the eighteenth and other stake in seventeen ninety three US president George Washington laid the cornerstone of the capitol building in Washington DC that was on the state in seventeen ninety three on this date in eighteen thirty seven Charles Lewis Tiffany and John bianco found a quote stationary and fancy goods emporium in New York City later renamed in nineteen in eighteen fifty three ads Tiffany and company also on this date in eighteen forty eight baseball rules that a first baseman can tag the base for an out instead of the runner which kind of makes it easier and a little less physical of a game this date in nineteen forty seven on September the eighteenth nineteen forty seven the Central Intelligence Agency officially comes into existence after being established by president Truman in July CIA essentially born on this date in nineteen forty seven of the state in nineteen fifty one a streetcar named desire directed by really examine and based on Tennessee Williams nineteen forty seven play the same name starring Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh is released stay. so I know that that may be for the best on this date in nineteen sixty four the Adams family starring John Astin Caroline Jones to casting and Jackie Coogan premieres on A. B. C. and all the state exactly one year later get smart created by Mel Brooks and starring don Adams premieres on television on the state in nineteen sixty five also on this date you know what else premiered on NBC Barbara Eden Larry Hagman get together as an astronaut and a two thousand year old genie for I dream of Jeannie on this date in nineteen sixty five and finally on this date in nineteen ninety eight rush hour directed by Brett Ratner starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Jackie chan's Hollywood breakthrough it was finally released Chris Tucker ana how his voice was but he was able to do that I don't know how he did that but he did the course I can't believe it's been twenty one years since that movie came out Jackie Chan absolute epic legend there you have it on the state in history on September the eighteenth all right it's seven thirty five and joining us this morning from Capitol Hill we say good morning to congressman from the eighth district in Tennessee right here in the mid south we say good morning to congressman David cast off congressman good morning thanks for joining us how are you.

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