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It everybody thanks so much for joining us big Thursday show what I say big Thursday show I mean big Thursday show coming up this morning on the program let's talk NFL with Peter king author of Monday morning in America of course long time NFL scribing personality Peter king is going to join us coming up here in our number two and our number three first goal also do more NFL with us more football from CBSSports dot com he has argued that the Cincinnati Bengals hold all of the leverage in the Joe burrows situation should they draft Joe burrow Prisco things burl has to play there will talk to him about that take coming up on the show in approximately two hours from now and NBA it with I in eagle from the NBA on T. and T. L. drop on by an hour number three all of that coming up this morning on the show guest why he's also XFL ratings were dropping in week number two should that league be worried about it how much you weed it did Greg Robinson it needed Iraq not the coach the player although fans of teams that the coach coached for would need just as much weed is Greg Robinson was hauling over the border yesterday how much soda does Tyson fury need well del land back in New York and M. L. B. P. a partially to blame for the Astros nonsense all that coming up this morning on the show plus we are still to our news and more any of those topics want to jump in on let's do it hit us up on the phone today five five two one two for CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven on Twitter hit me up D. A. on CBS NFL fans hearts a flutter a proposed expansion to the NFL postseason floated yesterday a game plan where an extra playoff team would be added to both the AFC and NFC currently the way that it stands as most of you know for division winners in the a FC four division winners in the NFC two wild cards meaning that the top two seeds have a body and then the bottom two division winners played the two wild cards in the new proposed expansion adding a seventh playoff team only the top seed would get a by and then two three four five six seven play three wild card games in the NFC and three wild card games in the a FC also upon this proposal there'd be a seventeen regular season game so why why now well the CBA's coming up in twenty twenty one so this is when you can negotiate that but also because the owners and the league of in trying to figure out a solution to losing the pre season they realized the pre seasons garbage coaches don't want it don't need it because the stars don't play basically it's an annoyance for everybody and it's embarrassing because every year for a month we all gripe about how bad the pre season this and so the NFL is saying okay how do we get rid of content nobody likes and add content that they like so I've got some problems with it there are some pluses but there are minuses is the new playoff proposal because this is just a proposal this has not been ratified the story is if they can work out a new CBA this offseason that expanded playoffs could happen by January which feels like a break neck pace would expanded postseason be Goleta for the NFL it is where we begin your cold open that really changed a thing just how the playlists play out in a fairly what I do think that it will offer is those teams that we see it every year right the team that you know they stacked division like go in and it's the south where you have to double digit win teams and they get beat out for a playoff spot or a wild card spot for an eight day eight or nine and seventeen in a nother division and what that will work is that everybody that deserves an opportunity to get in will get in now.

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