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There. Raja is really only one thing to talk about today. I don't care what everybody is expecting us to talk about. I don't care. There, bro because those who can't tell. They may hear this random how's that fucking breakfast sandwich? Bro, how's it tasted right now? For those of you who can't tell the remnants in the mustache, bro, I I've had a long weekend, my guy. I've had a long way. Do you want to get into that? Do we want to just get into the to get into what we're getting into, bro? So guys, keep your routine. Okay, everybody just keep your routine. Stop taking just stop taking random trips, guys. We're out on the other side of this pandemic, guys. We've got to bring order into this into this life. So that's basically where we're at. Which explains the breakfast sandwiches you know, Russia. They look good, though. I'm gonna keep it a buck. You might get some like, you might get some of that during this pod, bro, just because, you know, Sasha Mack just is so much a Sasha Matt can't even edit it out because I'm just, I might be just snacking during this pod. But anywho we here to talk about the warriors and the nets. It's about that time, Raju, because the warriors and the nets are playing tomorrow Tuesday and that means it is not the first first time that they're playing, but like a lot of stuff on this part of the pandemic. It's one of the first times where we get to see. If not, the fur, this is the first time we get to see Steph Curry. First Kevin Durant. After KD is left, that seems like it's simultaneously feels like two weeks ago, but also feels like 7 years ago when they played together, right? I still have memories of them playing together very, very, vivid memories of playing together. But it's going to be weird. What do you think going into this game, man? How are you feeling going to this game? It's one of the only times you're going to hear me say this on the pie, but I'm going to say it. I'm going to miss Kyrie. I'm going to miss him. That's the way I feel about that game. I'm going to miss him because he too has a thing with death. And I just think that the positions and the matchups when you're trying to create drama because they both play the same position and they're basically the same size. I feel it more than I feel Steph versus KD if that's a thing. You know what I mean? If that makes sense to you. Well, I understand this stuff versus KD drama. I'm gonna miss Kyrie and the equation because I know where his mind goes when he sees stuff, right? I was talking to somebody recently about that how something about Kyrie and Steph where Kyrie just feels like he just feels different when he plays against Steph Curry. The competition is just different. I'm sure you've seen it on that other side, but he plays defense. He's engaged because Kyra isn't one of those situations where he's probably the most talented player or at least in terms of talent. At least top 5, right? You know? In terms of talent, not like accomplishments in the whole total package. But he sees step as somebody that is accomplished and at all these things. It's like a, I think I was talking to somebody recently. It's like prince and Michael Jackson, right, where for instance this guy that could play all the instruments can do all these different things, but maybe isn't as acclaimed long-term or is acclaimed as he probably should be or wants to be. And he goes up against Steph, who is this corporation, this one man, everything, right? Like Mike was, and then you kind of get those clashes, right? There's a love and respect for each other, but you only really see that with them going at each other. That's the only way they know how to show respect to each other. I remember seeing Steph play last week against LaMelo Ball and I can tell when Steph is really respect somebody because he really won't talk to them. He really just won't like he'll show that. I think it was lamella was trying to lamella was like I didn't watch the game last night, but when they were playing the chase like lamelo had gone behind Steph and like tapped him and Steph didn't even blink. You know? Obviously, he respect. He's locked in, and obviously he respects lamelo, but that's how these two people show respect is by going at each other intensely. So I'm excited. You were around stuff a lot. I mean, I was around Kyrie. For that year, was staff aware with Steph aware of the level that Kyrie came at him. Was it was he? I mean, because sometimes for a Steph who's already on the mountaintop, it's not a thing. But for you, it's a thing because you're saying, I'm prince in this equation if I'm Kyrie, I'm trying to get to that Michael Jackson status. Mike might just be like, yo, I'm not even concerned with that. What's funny though, when you read about my it is another podcast when you read about Mike and you read about prints, both of those dudes were insanely competitive and watching each other's shows. Like they may have acted like they didn't care, but that's because they cared. But anyway, was it like that? So when I was so, when I was in the bay, and I've always been in the bed my whole life, but when they were first started, the Cavs iteration of Kyrie. I was watching as a spectator, a wedding really know stuff. I didn't really touch. I didn't know the game, but when I started covering stuff, my first year was when they played each other, it's a bit of big game, but it was a home game. It was a Saturday night game, Celtics Celtics warriors, right? When Kyrie was on the Celtics. And Kyrie had one of his best games. He fucking put stuff in a blender a whole bunch of times, but I think Steph ended up winning. I think Steph had like, I don't know if he had like 40 or 50 points, but you could tell that it was one of those games as Steph had circled on the calendar. And in hindsight, I don't know the reporting now, but I don't have the reporting on it, but in hindsight, it's like, man, you know, knowing that Kyrie came Kyrie is now teammates with Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant was on the Florida end. It's like, it's just a lot of things that you could point to about why he could be feeling some type of way. And he's all fair to feel those feelings. And then, you know, they got Kyrie, who's like, and I ain't got what Steph got, but I wanted. It's just typical competitive stuff, right? You find stuff in a guy that you probably like, but you want your talk to get to that mountaintop. So, you know, with Kyrie and then I always saw a competition between Stephen and Kyrie that you don't really see. You see it only with guys who have a mutual respect for each other. If that makes sense. So that was just that wasn't a rivalry, but it's a great competition. So I'm sad that we can't see that on tomorrow night. You are. Yeah, miss Kyrie. And, you know, I love to watch that matchup because there's such well they're both super gifted. And they could get it, you know, in a multitude of ways. They're so different in their approach to the way they play the.

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