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Scrip was a lot darker yeah the incredible his style was like 'cause he also did the simpsons heels king of the hill so he's like adult right like animation and stuff like that in mind me like our giant reminds me the most like western version of what like anime is for people who anime which is like for dolton literally not for children and so i think incredible this funny mix of pixar disney but a writer whose background is heavily like adult content that's so interesting and i think that's why the incredible 's feel so different in the pixar world i mean like don't get me wrong when you look at it on the posters it matches totally well with everything else finding nemo and all these things but when you watch this movie just feels a little bit different there's a pixar movie underneath a just good movie a family this is the first pixar movie that was from the perspective of humans really an interest in pixar an i think why that happened was because pixar god the story after it was after like after it was like practically made right interest he wrote it for warner brothers to distribute it via the just like you do with iron giant action no rose animation but he meant it for warner brothers and what does it could've gone darks yeah so the warner brothers that was supposed to take it dissolved time in needed to be distributed pixar yet and he was mad because they didn't promote iron giants the way they're supposed.

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