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Actor of car character actor in a minute i became a character actor the parts screw much born interesting and you're happier because he didn't have to worry about vanity or any now art which are constantly look at my profile is and uh now it was wonderful you could be free you could change your appearance of do all sorts of things which are continued to to do to this bloody day now in between those two thumbs uh which were a decade apart in between fall the roman empire and the man who would be king was a little movie called the sound of music and i have to ask you uh how you first heard about it i understand that the script it actually been sitting around forever and your eight years did people think it was damaged goods or what was the deal were bob dwyer's borders argus somebody must've maybe it was good to designer sung dick zaria owner who approached him abroad is that your drew musical because we've got the sound of music lying in a bottom drawer in your office and it's been never eight years should we not kristen it and and that that that we did i wanted to do it because i was going to do a musical on broadway about cyrano de bergerac and i wanted with the feeling of doing a musical i've never done one in my life in writing wasn't burge could but i thought no no this will be this'll be nobody you'll see a fair go away.

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