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Left side 25 2015 10 5 left side of the end zone Touchdown Ohio State's 32 yards on the touchdown run after a 32 yard catch and run the play prior praise sermon. As the Buckeyes on the board for this man baseball his life. It's your guest host of the lead off spot. Bay Area news groups. Giants beat writer Terry Crowley hear him by saying to your Apple Home pod play KNBR. Trade to the Bay was true. On Thursday night when the Sanders killed 40. Niners made Trey Lance the quarterback of the future. It was true on Friday night as well. Third round draft pick Trace sermon. Joining the 40 Niners offensive contingent out of Ohio State a lot to like about this 40 Niner strap. That's how every fan base in the NFL feels after draft weekend, All 32 teams felt like their team came through with an upgrade. But I really do think that the future of the 40 Niners has changed over the weekend because this team has an offensive identity. Now with Trey Lance Ah guy who can extend plays a guy who can run the football as well as past the football and Trey sermon, joining this offense as well. A second round draft pick Aaron Banks. One of the largest offensive lineman the 40 Niners have pursued and cow Shanahan and John Lynch's tenure. I'm really excited about the run game possibilities, And to me, that's what Kyle Shanahan has always done best. His dominate opposing defense is through scheming up favorable run matchups, favorable defensive alignments through what he could do on offense, and now he has more athletes to help out this sporting matters. Offensive system trace sermon an interesting pick. Of course, because the 40 Niners for the past few seasons have gone with wide receivers in early rounds of the draft. We saw the 40 Niners do it. Not so successfully trading up for Dante Pettus. We saw them try and get Jalen Hurd in the third round. We all know how that has worked out so far, although San Francisco's still remaining optimistic about her chances of impacting this offense, But I like the certainty that you get would trace sermon who produced at Oklahoma who produced after transferring to Ohio State and produced on the biggest stage is like Last year as a grad transfer with the big 300 yard game that we talked about in the Big 10 championship. And then, of course, playing well against Clemson later on. So one thing that I want to touch on what Trey Lance's John Lynch's comments that post draft about what they saw in him or Trey sermon. I should say what they saw in him why they felt comfortable going after running back. So here's the 40, Niners general manager on the new running back out of Ohio State. You look at our backs in the past, and I think one common element is the speed and you may Look at his 40 time and say he doesn't really fit but sometimes 40 times can be deceiving. I You know, I think What speaks to us is like is 10 time was very good. And so you see that burst You see that ability to stick his foot in the ground, break tackles and hid it in a hurry. And then he's very adept at making the you know the free safety. The second Second level defender Miss. And so you know, they really good out of the backfield in the past game is well, I think he's a good fit for what we do. It was exciting, you know, colonized started this morning kind of watching the backs and it was fun. T o be able, and I think the move was prompted by just a growing feeling that Trey was a really good fit for us. And I think we stayed patient. But when we felt like, all right, our luck's about to run out. We made the move and we're happy to be able to do so. Make no mistake where he most hurt is still the home run hitter for this offense when the 40 Niners have a schematic advantage when they think that they can take a team deep through the run game. Most her will be the guy in the game for cow Shannon. He's the one with the breakaway speed, but where he moster has dealt with injuries. At times. He's probably not as effective when you give him the ball more than 15 times per game. The 40 Niners have seen that over the last few seasons, and they saw how effective he could be in the 2019 2020 post season when he was fresh. And well rested. He dominated against the Minnesota Vikings have the historic performance against the Green Bay Packers. And that's why the 40 Niners felt that it was necessary to go out and get Trey sermon to aid this backfield. He's someone who could have more of a day, one impact than Trey. Lance. In my opinion, I think that Lance is gonna have some growing pains. Lance is gonna be someone who you're not going to work into the offense. One week one. I really do think that the 40 Niners will defer to Jimmy Garoppolo at the outset of the season. Look, if Trey Lance passes him in week two and week three and practice that I do think that they will make that change. But I really feel confident that trace sermon is going to be a big addition. Right off the bat through this 40 Niners often so is exciting. His tray lances for the next decade Trace sermon gets me a little book more excited for the month of September when it comes to watching this 40 Niners offense on the field. Another guy that I want to touch on from this 49 of drafts. Been round pick Aaron Banks. I thought it was really interesting. The 40 Niners targeted a guard on offense because you don't often see that. In the first few rounds of the NFL draft teams were much more reluctant to take guards and they are to take tackles because tackles provide that premium value. They can stop pass rushers on the edge There number one job is to protect the quarterback. Keep them up right. And so the 40 Niners already gave all of that money to Trent Williams in the historic contract they picked up the fifth year option of Mike McGlinchy said There was Really no need for this team to go out and get a tackle this year, but they still wanted to fortify the offensive line with Laken. Tomlinson started in that left guard former first round pick who they traded a few years ago from the Detroit Lions to get him and he's been great. Ever since Arriving in San Francisco, they went out and got Aaron Banks and El Sereno Native Bay Area Guy grew up 40 Niners fan out of Notre Dame. So Michael Glenn, She's got some familiarity with him. And I think that banks is someone £325 to isn't necessarily the proto typical offensive line. And for Kyle Shanahan Zone scheme, But he is someone who offers ah lot of intrigue at the position because of how different he is in couch. Shanahan talked about some of that why the 40 Niners pursued Aaron Banks. People talk about. 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