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Still in the hospital. They were rescued just before 1 a.m. on Monday. About three hours later, crews removed the plane from the power lines. They stabilized the plane by the crane, then segmented the plane and the engine from S two pieces, lowered the plane to the ground. The plane remains unseen and will be inspected by the NTSB. Stetson Miller, WTO P news. We are also learning the NTSB plans to apparently release a preliminary report of their investigation into the crash in two to three weeks we're told. Moments after he crashed his single engine plane into the power lines and a transmission tower Sunday Night, the pilot 65 year old Patrick Merkel made a remarkable remarkably calm call to Montgomery county 9-1-1 to ask for help. I've flown into a tower to the northwest of Gaithersburg airport. The calmness in his voice belies the predicament he and his passenger 66 year old Janet Williams were in. Trapped about 100 feet off the ground, their plane dangling from the tower. I'm just concerned about our articulation and the possibility that we could slip out of this tower The 9-1-1 call taker asked about injuries and offered clear directions as first responders began the rescue. Stay inside of the plane, obviously, keep as still as you can. You're working on getting up to you guys. And emergency personnel stayed in constant contact with pilot and passenger during the ordeal. Said political news, this Tuesday morning, Virginia congressman Donald meachin has died after a long battle with cancer. He was only 61, Nietzsche, a Democrat had just won reelection for a fourth term in Virginia's fourth district, his chief of staff says he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer back in 2013. Senators Mark Warner and Tim kaine from Virginia say this morning they've known McKeon for decades and in statements said they are devastated to learn of his passing, the kitchen was the third African American to represent Virginia and Congress. Does the government actually really waste money? This may be confirmation this morning to that in the district anyway. He fired off a letter last April asking D.C.'s watchdog the office of the auditor to take a look at why stuff doesn't seem to get fixed ever in the city in schools, or at least not in a timely fashion. Now counsel chair filled mendelsohn says, the results are in and a lot of cash is being wasted. But the report confirms is that the central component of any good maintenance system which is work harder is a mess. In some work orders before and after photos were not the actual project, but stock images found on the Internet. Kyle Cooper, WTO P news. Hi, it's Meghan cloherty. On the latest DMV download, first responders explained all the challenges they faced and successfully rescuing the two people inside a plane tangled in power lines. And why those who live near the Gaithersburg air park say they're safety concerns are being minimized. Find the DMV download where you get your podcasts. Traffic in the D.C. region is constantly changing. If you spot a major incident that we're not already reporting, call the WTO traffic center. At 8 6 6 three O four WTO P that's 8 6 6 three O four WTO. Good Tuesday morning November 29th, 2022. Welcome in this early hour to WTO pledges. Slower clock trains. Call Michael and son and get $100 off a trained cleaning today. It's 1208 traffic and whether all the 8s, good morning to rich other in the WTO P traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean serious crash remains under investigation closing the southbound lanes U.S. 29 in center at the intersection with Trinity Parkway. Again, that is where traffic has to get off. You can not continue through and you'll also can not make the left either, so just be aware. Norm found outside of U.S. 29 lanes are open, headed north through center wall and continuing up toward fair lakes and eventually the city of fairfax. Southbound 28 is your approach to Passover 66 day left past the work zone. 66 westbound as you approach 28 in Centreville down to a single right length through the construction, however the ramp to go south on route 28 X of 53 a and is closed as part of this works on a ramp to go north on 28 remains open. Now, if you're traveling eastbound on 66, as you head east of 29 toward route 28 single left lane past the work, some and then, as you head past one 23 toward not least street also down to a single left lane, and then he's found that the beltway that works on blocks a single right lane, that way on the outer loop, leaving the American legion bridge headed to a point just beyond the bridge for Georgetown pike single file left get you bothered works and as of late, the pace has picked up there over in fort Washington and prince George's county north family to two ten remained closed between swan creek road and fort Washington road and as a result of another serious crash involving a pedestrian that is under investigation. Looking for a safe use car Fitzgerald automobiles hundreds of good cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car of its way used cars best is a fit small dot com today rich hundred WTO traffic

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