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A mixed market this afternoon? The Dow right now is down eight points. We'll have the latest from the Bloomberg business report and ten WW WWE news time to forty five. It is time for sports and Ryan Wooley. I was watching baseball late last night. Yeah. So baseball and the Red Sox just crushing the Yankees. And that was game three, of course, the American League divisional series and tonight Brooke because of that win. The Red Sox now punch their ticket to the American League championship series with a victory over the Bronx bombers at one, of course in New York. The winner of this series will take on the Houston Astros who advanced with these sweep yesterday report Selo former tiger will get the call tonight. We'll go up against Tabatha first pitch and that one is at eight oh, seven Michigan Senate coach Mark dantonio. Hell this weekly presser today. He admitted despite the team dropping two games for the first five weeks. He feels the team could be five zero. Instead, it's message is pretty simple moving forward. Just play like you're five and you also address captain Joe Bosch's comments after their loss in northwestern where he told players at either step up or get out. And if he's okay with someone making comments like that as a leader, I think, you know, as I said a door our football team. You know, when you are a leader when you're the head coach or when you the coordinator when you're the assistant coach when you're the leader, captain, sometimes, you gotta be more demanding. So that's part of it. And, you know, looking for a response Ness, what we all do an Antonio was also asked to fill techy larger role in the play calling said, he won't micromanage people. It's not who he is. Is he empowers people to do their jobs? You also Kate their goals to find a way to run the ball forty times a game that has always been the formula to success whisper fifteen and forty five past each hour. I'm Ryan Wally WW chain. Newsradio nine fifty. And we thinks Ryan US way three northbound at grand Blanc. It is closed. We will tell you how to get around that closure and all the other stuff going on with traffic and weather next Muslim my family. They never graduated high.

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