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That you can ask yourself so that these states can come up in you more naturally instead of you just thinking about a time that felt really good and then you feel good in that moment and then it kind of slithers away kind of disappears because real life comes back what questions can you ask yourself that might make the shift a little bit more sustaining a little bit more or less a permanent you know i don't know if this is going to be permanent for you or not but it could be at least a step toward permanence i mean nothing is really permanent but you know what i mean more indefinite so where i like to go with the questions is i like to sydor everything that's in my life right now to consider all the people that exist that are alive or even dead i like to consider where i live i like to consider what i live in a house an apartment like to consider where i work i like to consider the air i breathe i like to consider what the weather's like all these elements all these components that make up your life if you to draw like a mind map nearest those mind maps and you put yourself in the center of piece of paper and you write your name in that center you make struggle and put your name in it and then you have one line or one tether that goes to a component of your life and that could be spouse or significant other or dog or not not necessarily in place of significant other but it can be that way too house car our rainy weather pizza place work boss at work co worker at work and you start making all these lines from the center out amazing you have to this but you can imagine it and you'll notice all these components are connected to your life.

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