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They've got to be sorely disappointed, like really good basketball. The last couple of games they felt like they were becoming the best version of themselves because there's something that we're going to be seeing a lot. Duke Blue Devils, pulling out of the A C C eternity because of a positive Corona virus test and the resulting quarantining and contact tracing the SEC announced that Duke's game with Florida State was canceled on Thursday, allowing the Seminoles to advance took athletic director Kevin White Sadness statement. The cancelation will end their season. Snapping the Blue Devils streak of 24 consecutive NC double A tournament appearances. It's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk Wireless. Seth Greenberg, ESPN college basketball analyst on SportsCenter. This freshman class not of refreshment classes created equal. Every McDonald's All American is created equal this group of players very good players, but not the type of players that could take you to the next level. So when you don't have a pre season when you don't have a summer when you don't have those guarantee games to grow as a team, and you're thrown into your regular season schedule They just never got their feet underneath him. They started to look at Mark Williams development the past few days. He had 19 rebounds against Louisville, probably the best game they played all season long, but now it's taken away from him. And to me, it just breaks my heart for these kids that have been through so much. Have the season taken away from them because they had an opportunity. We're gonna be Nancy W Tournament team. Probably they're going to struggle against foreign state. But they had that opportunity taken away because the virus is undefeated. It controls us. We do not control it. Wes Durham sees this scenario coming. When we hit the NC, double a tournament. It'll be unique to see how the NC double a handles that because As you know, from following college basketball and really college football in the fall, the protocols have been entirely different as it relates conference to conference. These people have done a phenomenal job to get us through this, but that contact tracing in those positive has clearly In something that's very from leaked to lead and that straight talk wireless, no contract. No compromise. We keep in the A. C C, where number 16 Virginia got tested by Syracuse Hauser on the left wing to.

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