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It kind of knowing. We're getting all along rule stuff but no truck series same role for the cup series competitors. They are allowed five race per year and and of course they've updated the triple chuck challenge rules to get rid of that greg biff stipulation that ruin things this year where you have to have the person on the entry list before the posted so that s no longer thing you can now if you have somebody at the first race of it that wins that you can now put them in the next race even though they weren't on the official entry form to begin with. Let's go now with gregg. He goes out there. He wins the race and disappears again. Yeah he was pretty upset about the fact they wouldn't let them keep running for more money and i don't blame them on that because <hes> came out and got eh fifty thousand dollars bonus and look like <hes> things are setting up pretty well form. If you've gone to the next race that would have been hired thousand bonus and that one fifty but and they didn't let them do that so <hes> i see why he was all upset about that kind of felt like he's being disqualified for. Something that you know was kind of a technicality bogus. Seriously is bogus. <hes> what's the latest on some darlington throwback schemes. I know you're posting those like every five minutes yeah. It seems like it so <hes> the newest one's <hes> as of this recording co. Custer has unveiled a buckshot jones. <hes> throwback seem that's pretty cool <hes> the old aqua fresh number zero zero carson. That's really really cool <hes> buckshot. His name wasn't really buckshot but that's just i know all right. You takes on the nickname of buckshot shot. That's a good point <hes> so then there's also joy gays in the extended series race will be thrown back to the old tabasco fiasco. Remember that yeah so that's the cool <hes> kind of like reddish model theme that they had it <hes> the bud shootout that year in basco car yeah bradman his looks awesome too. That's that's the nineteen ninety-six <hes> rusty walls paint scheme with the cool yellow in <hes> red and blue splashes down the side and it's black and that's awesome michael michael mcdowell by the way as well. He's throwing back to <hes>. Jimmy means the alka-seltzer car <hes> from the eighties so that's gonna be pretty cool. There's a lot of these this year. That are really really awesome. The really well done really close if they have some sort of criteria like a decade or something they usually give them a suggested decade that the track track is celebrating so they hope people stay in that then the confines that but you don't have to doesn't sound like they are. I think this year is the early nineties so so <hes> some of them are and some of them aren't that's dope. That's dope. That's dope from the nineties. Oh okay. I see what you're doing there. That's that's cool. I used. I used to be a d._j. Back in the ninety s on a hip hop radio station. Yeah dude that's right. I don't think we said dude really <hes> cup. Series driver point standings <hes>. We got a a lot less time right. Now is to five to one kevin harvick..

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