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We'll take everyone with been with us with us so we're not going to abandon anyway exactly exactly but that's that's the beauty of if i do appreciate you guys bringing me on you. An amazing yawned again on. I'm very. I'm very impressed. I can take into up with a lover. I feel like i didn't talk enough regarding some points to be honest because even some of the questions i know we dipped into it. But we didn't fully answer some of the questions like with me when you're interacting with your community or even discussing Shatri saturation thatcher. She's not only. Do you have to be willing to accept like what you enjoy and if you ever reach a point where you know enjoying it takes back and just think about okay. What would you rub it even even like reinvent the content try some dif- which literally what i'm about what i'm currently one hundred doing. Because obviously you guys said you're. You're leaving behind until it gets better just died. Reinstalled light six bumps time when i get nostalgic and thing i'll give it another shot. Reinstalled play game completely honest. Don't again. I'll give a six month five. If you you feel like trying to get let me know. I haven't played shifted way to law was meant to ask you mentioned haloed before the plane. Mcc rav caught the fcc all the time anytime board. It's like what do i love play. What doesn't make me angry. What have recently. Recent haven't played aussie wakes About a month ago. I got a month go. I go into Reinstore didn't stop playing you. I did the t. campaign legendary. Did hitler free over hater free legendary. Hey one legendary on anita due to that is horrendous. Uncle said the cy. I actually because i played them somalia on console as they started coming out for mcc. I decided to torture myself to the worst degree. I've ever tortured myself in my life. Now i'm someone who's a platinum to every dark souls gave. That's the kind of person. I am right so i was like you know what i've never done. Last games old skulls on legendary. I manage to lasso reach and see and then i just stopped. That shit is. I've never doing that to myself ever again. I've done on member on the original. Hillary have like weekly stuff way. It you do less for emission. I've done diana lasso campaign and there's a playlist for that and you get achievement for it. But i got the little name card. Now so anytime someone matches would mean the what executives die on takes it takes commitment and she oughta patience to palace mission. You want to know how to say it takes to do mission. How much did it take for. See a case a c. Which is arguably the longest missions in the series. Took me forty seven hours to last long. So how'd you grow just a contact Means every skull almost every scotland which one school for example doubles the health. Another means they drop off ammo effect. One even upgrade owner of their classes to the next tier up. Yup there's the favorite kanzi hod constantly as iron which means when you die restart the mission especially if you're doing silence. Jeez law that's crazy. Yeah no i pretty much to learn by heart. Every every level adriana get into getting again until i knew it by heart and i said i wouldn't do it to myself. You know what i've also done. And i just realized i beat turtle ultra nightmares. She which is the same thing you die restart the whole game see. That's that's when gaming. Just turn insane from the. It's revile i have. A golden offhand. Can touch but why wouldn't let yourself torture but at some point is just is just clicking and tapping of keys right at that point. You just just trying to get along the way i did it..

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