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He gets it off behind him over to Conley. Conley hasn't across the time line. He throws it off and stutter step in a drive by calmly gets it in the corner over the Ingalls Ingalls value. Rudy Gobert something called Flex. You just said it. Just basic pick and roll in the Nuggets Can't stay in front of Call him. Here comes Denver back the other way. Jamal Murray hasn't on the high left side. He throws it inside the Ark over to call Jochen Jochen guarded out there by Gobert in an illegal pick our someone's gonna get teed up pretty soon here. Not only is winning basketball game, but they're getting a favorable whistle here. Early basketball, they said. All was moving on that pick and if they're going to call it, the Millsap People lie and go bear. Back. The other way comes Utah bucket here, Malone will probably call timeout, Conley left side over the Donovan Mitchell. The attacks of the dotted line goes all the way through the lane guarded by the coal. Yokich brings it back out to the high right side. Crossover move twice, kicks it out on top to O'Neal goes back over the Mitchell bad past, but he handled it fighting the clock. Now he takes three and that's an airball. Rebound down. Michael Porter Jr like has a jump pass out over the Murray for three rebound down to Rudy Go bare outlet pass off over two Ingles. Ingalls has it up the right sideline. Seven minutes left to go in the first quarter Go bear has it in a foul called on Jamal Murray close. It'll set for Murray, one of the two that got Tio Bear down low jazz on the side. That foul is gonna be on Millsap. You want me to show you what fun is that? It's the last player. Thank you. Show me how to use the old Statcast Almost. Millsap quickly goes to the bench with the second foul..

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