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Mark richt was was was a ten win a year guy was a was a a bowl winning coach. Georgia wanted more. And now they've got Kirby smart, and they're in a national championship. Also, Georgia finds himself in a recruiting rich area in which they can get the number one recruiting class in the country, or at least top five are you ever going to get that out of Iowa hail? No. -lutely? Not right. So that's the point where okay, then what's going on in Nebraska with Scott frost is Scott frost doomed to obscurity because the back when Scott frostless plan for Tom Osborne. Nebraska was was arguably one of the best programs in the absolute country national championship winning Nebraska, Tennessee, Tennessee football was the same way. I think that's a great bait that can can those midwestern schools those non talent rich schools. How do you recruit? You know, Adrian Martinez is the the quarterback for Nebraska is a California kid, but can you go into Los Angeles as Frank eras as Scott frost and pull a five star away from USC to come to Nebraska. That's tough. Right. And you listen, you might be able to get one. You're not going to be able to get six. You're not going to be able to get seven, right? Think of NFL teams, by the way. This is best week ever. I'm Peter burns. He has been hard sock. Look at NFL teams if you mean to tell me in the NFL. Where a team could go in and say, hey every year when it's free agency, you can grab seven players, but certain teams can only grab one or two we have that a little bit based on your salary cap requirements or restrictions or how much free money available cap space. You have however if money was no object, and you're able to grab eight of the best players versus two of the best players. Guess what? The team that's grabbing eight of the best players year in year out is going to be better. And I don't see where in Iowa where Nebraska Ken, David gave his Tennessee at this point. Look at look at Clemson, Clemson isn't South Carolina isn't a hotbed of college athletes or of high school athletics. Sure, they're they're near the south there in the south. But Daboh Sweeney was the change the Clemson hadn't been relevant until Daboh Sweeney took the helm. So the right guy can change that and the right guy in the right part of the country with a fan base. And in a university that's willing to buy. You've condemned basically everybody, but about ten schools in the country has that changed in college football. It really has. Ebbs. There are ebbs and flows though, there are ebbs and flows because you every year you have teams that we get excited about we get excited about West Virginia. I stretch until they blow it down down down the end Baylor comes into discussion every once in a while look at UCF look at Houston. There's there are teams that are not there but have brought themselves up. And that's always the fun of college football is can year after year can Houston consistently keep themselves in the national discussion to where they are taken legitimately as a national contender. They haven't yet. But that's part of the discussion of college sports app state as well. And I had an opportunity and the in in they choked away that opportunity earlier this week believed to Georgia state. All right..

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